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Leaving Calvary Temple
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Dear Calvary Temple-Letters to My Children, Family, and Friends
Just Our Stories of Calvary Temple Lygon’s Story
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Walking Wounded of Calvary Temple


Calvary Temple Series –  All Articles
New TWW Series on Calvary Temple of Sterling VA in a Nutshell
Why the Against Calvary Temple Website
How Calvary Temple Caused My Family to Break Apart A Transparent Personal Testimony (my personal story)
Calvary Temple Survivor Testimony 9 Marks Doesn’t Let You Decide if Your Child is a Christian
Molly’s Sad Story Sheds Light on how Calvary Temple Breaks up Families
Gary and Marsha Foster 40 Years at Calvary Temple
Another Disturbing Calvary Temple Story by Ellen Kusar
Calvary Temple Update Should a Church Member Who is a Law Officer Use His Badge to Intimidate Lawful Church Protestors


All Out War Podcast 6/6/21 #109 – Calvary Temple Cult Survivor Testimony

News Articles
     Washington Post (WaPo)

Washington Post November 16, 2008 In Va., a Powerful and Polarizing Pastor
WaPo 7/31/2009 IRS Investigating CT
WaPo On Faith 05/13/2010 CT in Kenya Investigation – please note that this link is broken. I am researching to find the article and revise, but so far, I am not having any success. If someone finds it, please send it to me. Thank you!
WaPo 3/27/2015 Sexual Abuse Investigation at Controversial Loudoun County Church (CT)
WaPo 6/25/2018 The Exiles: Former members say Calvary Temple in Virginia pressures people to banish loved ones. What happens to those who leave?
WaPo 8/22/2018 Former deacon at church long criticized for its influence over families charged with sexually assaulting a teenager

Loudoun Times Mirror (LTM)/LoudounNow (LN)

Loudoun Times Mirror March 23, 2015 First Article
Loudoun Times Mirror April 1, 2015
Loudoun Times Mirror April 1, 2015 Editorial-Broken Trust
LTM April 1, 2015 Editorial-Law Enforcement and Faith
LTM 4/8/2015 Threats of Blackmail
LTM 4/22/2015 CT Contentious History
LTM 5/20/2015 Emotional Warfare
LTM 7/1/2015 Turn up the Heat
LTM 7/8/2015 Letter to Editor: Calvary Temple ‘bullied’
LTM 9/2/2015 State Police
LTM 9/2/2015 Editorial-Blind Eye?
LTM 9/9/2015 State Police Pt. 2
LTM 9/16/2015 Letter to Editor
LTM 12/15/2015 Loudoun Sheriff Dismisses Veteran Deputies
LTM 3/24/2016 One Year Later
LTM 5/13/2016 Loudoun Juvenile Detention Center
LTM 4/3/2017 Feds Raid Sterling Apartment Owned by CT
LTM 4/12/2018 Three Years Later, Law Enforcement Still Silent on Calvary Investigation
LTM 8/16/2018 Calvary Temple deacon indicted on sexual abuse-related charges in Loudoun
LTM 8/16/2018 (8/23/201/) UPDATED: Former Calvary Temple deacon indicted on sexual abuse-related charges in Loudoun
LN 8/21/2018 Sterling Man Charged in 2003 Sexual Assault Case Approved for Bond Release
LTM 8/28/2018 Trial set for former Calvary Temple deacon accused of sexual assault
LTM 3/28/2018 Northam signs bill requiring clergy to report abuse
LN 01/16/2020 Trial Set for Former Church Deacon Charged with Sexual Assault of Minors
LN 11/10/2020 Sterling Man Charged with Sexual Assault of Minors Set for December Plea, Sentencing
LN 12/18/2020 Sterling Man Sentenced to Probation for 2003 Sexual Assault of Minor

Other News Media

Fox5 News 3/26/2015 EXCLUSIVE-CT Sexual Abuse Allegations
Fox5 News 3/27/2015 Father Daughter Speak Out Against CT
NBC News 3/29/2015 Protests Outside CT
WJLA News 3/29/2015 CT Investigated-Decades of Alleged Sexual Abuse
WTOP 3/29/2015 Protesters Gather Outside Local Church
MRCTV 4/2/2015 Sexual Abuse Broken Families and Race Cars
WUSA9 News 4/10/2015 Investigators Reopen CT Case
NBC News 10/14/2017 Loudoun County Deputies Fired
GetReligion 6/26/2018 Washington Post Magazine Examines a Lone Ranger Church Without Help From Experts
WTOP 8/16/2018 Loudoun Co. man faces charges in 2003 sexual assault of child
TLT 8/16/2018 Sterling Man Indicted for Sexual Assault that was First Reported in 2003
NBC News 8/16/2018 Virginia Man Arrested in 2003 Child Sex Abuse Case
NBC News 8/17/2018 Former Calvary Temple Deacon Arrested on Sex Abuse Charges
Fox5 News 8/17/2018 Church deacon arrested on charges of sexually abusing teen in Loudoun County back in 2003
DCW50 News 8/17/2018 Man arrested in 2003 child sexual abuse 8/22/2018 Former deacon charged in child sexual abuse case approved for bond release
Hastings(Nebraska)Tribune 8/22/2018 Former church deacon charged in decade-old sex assault case

YouTube Videos/Stories

YouTube 4/1/2010 Kenya Residents Up In Arms Against Cult
YouTube 3/28/2015 What is Really Happening to CT
(From a Sterling Community Member) YouTube 05/25/2015 Calvary Temple Child Abuse #calvaryhellhole
YouTube 11/1/2015 Concerning Westgate Chapel
YouTube 01/29/2016 My Story (Intro): What Happened to Me at the Cult of Calvary Temple (Michael Foster)
YouTube 01/31/2016 Riches: Star R. Scott vs the Bible
YouTube 02/12/2016 Star R. Scott: Kenyans are “Beggars”
YouTube 02/15/2016 Star R. Scott: What He Really Thinks About You
YouTube 03/12/2016 WARNING: Calvary Temple Events 2016
YouTube 03/22/2016 Calvary Temple Secrets: “The Evil Email”
YouTube 05/02/2016 Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Quarterly Staff Meeting: Calvary Temple, Star R. Scott Investigation
YouTube 05/05/2016 Calvary Temple Families: How Star R. Scott Destroys Us
YouTube 05/10/2016 Star R. Scott: Fear, Manipulation, Control, Money, CULT
YouTube 05/18/2016 Calvary Temple: Cult? Star R. Scott Answers (ft. Jim Jones)
YouTube 06/18/2016 Calvary Temple: I’ll Never Be The Same
YouTube 06/30/2016 Calvary Temple: Defamation of Character
YouTube 02/16/2017 Surviving Calvary Temple: My Story (Pt. 1) by Michael Foster (End Cults Now)
YouTube 06/13/2017 Star R. Scott: Thus Saith The LORD
YouTube 11/08/2017 Surviving Calvary Temple: My Story (Pt. 2) by Michael Foster (End Cults Now)
YouTube 01/22/2018 Calvary Temple Loved Ones, Stolen by Star R Scott by Michael Foster (End Cults Now)
YouTube 06/19/2018 Calvary Temple: The Washington Post Magazine by Michael Foster
YouTube 03/02/2019 Calvary Temple: What it Felt Like by Michael Foster
YouTube 04/02/2019 Calvary Temple: Lost by Michael Foster
YouTube 04/04/2019 Calvary Temple: Bad Liar by Michael Foster
YouTube 11/18/2019 Hurricane Calvary Temple by Michael Foster
YouTube 02/28/2020 Surviving Calvary Temple: My Story (Pt. 3) by Michael Foster (End Cults Now)
YouTube 03/02/2020 Surviving Calvary Temple (Pt. 4) by Michael Foster (End Cults Now)
YouTube 12/21/2020 Calvary Temple – You’re Worth More Than You Know (End Cults Now)
YouTube 08/17/2021 Surviving Calvary Temple (Pt. 5) by Michael Foster (End Cults Now)
YouTube 09/09/2021 The Past: leave it or take it with you? (End Cults Now)
YouTube 09/28/2021 Surviving Calvary Temple (Pt. 6) by Michael Foster (End Cults Now)

Independent Videos

Calvary Temple Continues to Gather after President Trump Calls for Social Distancing

MISC BLOGS/Web Sites/News Articles RE: Abusive Churches

Facebook: Families Against Cult Teachings and Abuses, Inc. (FACT)
Battered Sheep
Church Exiters
Unsettled Christianity 11/19/2008 Star R Scott-A Real Piece of Work
Wondering Eagle 11/01/2015 an Open Letter to Molly Fitch CT
Wondering Eagle 5/26/2016 An Open Letter to Michelle Freeman CT
Wondering Eagle MISC CT Posts
Religious Cults Info
The Crusading Bloggers Exposing Abuse in Protestant Churches No one was paying attention — until these armchair investigators came along
KDKA2CBS Pittsburgh 11/06/2019: Woman Fighting To Reunite Her Family After Being Excommunicated From Local Church She Calls A Cult

Helpful Books

Churches That Abuse
Recovering from Churches that Abuse
Subtle Power Spiritual Abuse Manipulation
Twisted Scriptures
Exposing Spiritual Abuse
Toxic Faith
Healing Spiritual Abuse Church Experience
Locked In – My Imprisoned Years in a Destructive Cult
Broken Faith: Inside the Word of Faith Fellowship, One of America’s Most Dangerous Cults

Helpful Articles and a Movie

11 Warning Signs of Gaslighting
Spotlight (a “must watch”)

Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) News

Church survivors support unlimited time to file sex abuse claims

MISC Relevant Videos/Documents

6/27/2018 When Religious Television isn’t that Wholesome From the Blog, The Overeducated Housewife
8/27/2018 Open Letter to Riverview Residents, Lansdowne, VA re: Kevin O’Connor

Open Letter to Lansdowne Woods residents re_KevinO'Connor