VIP Docs

The following documents are part of the public record and extremely important to our fight to Expose Calvary Temple. I must warn you, some of the content is very graphic, and sickening. Upon reading, perhaps you will gain a better understanding as to why we do what we do.

This. Must. Stop.

Exhibit #1

April 9, 2008, at 4:30 AM, Star and Linda Scott, son and daughter-in-law of Calvary Temple head “pastor” Star Robert Scott, sent the following email to the entire congregation of Calvary Temple. In order to minimize the damage, then Calvary Pastor Chuck LaRock, sent out a brief message exhorting the congregation not to read the “evil email”. Both emails follow:

Star’s email:

Star’s Email Exposing Pedophile Bob Scott

Chuck’s email:

Chuck Email to Dear Calvary Family

Exhibit #2

Star and Linda also sent the email to friends and relatives. Unfortunately, they received some nasty responses. First, is an email from Star’s Uncle Den, Bob Scott’s half-brother:

Response Email From Star’s Uncle Den

Exhibit #3
Star then talked to his cousin Lori, daughter of one of Bob Scott’s victims:
Exhibit #4
Linda Scott sent pictures of her and Star’s youngest daughter to Star’s Uncle Den, Bob Scott’s half brother. She merely wanted to share family pictures. This was their [awful] reply:
Exhibit #5
Then this, a very ugly email from Bob Scott’s mother, Star’s grandma:
Exhibit #6
On December 19, 2009, Star Scott received a very long, informative, and corroborative message via Facebook from Sheryl Carr. Sheryl is the daughter of the pastor, unfortunately now deceased, in California who hired Bob Scott as a youth pastor. Sheryl is also best friends with Star’s cousin Lori, one of Bob’s victims.
Please be warned. This email is heart-wrenching:
Exhibit #7

The next two links encompass the Herndon, VA, police report filed by Bob Scott’s niece – it is a public copy, so there are no names; however, the sexual assaults began in California lasting 3 years. Bob moved to VA and the sodomy continued at least one more time…that is when his then-wife Janet caught him and the VA cover-up began.

Herndon Police Report Page 1

Herndon Police Report Page 2

Notice the dates on the police report (Forcible Sodomy) coincide with his arrival in VA.

1968    Fresno City College
1969    Bethany Bible College
1970    License to Preach, Southern California District, Assembly of God
1972    Ordination, General Council Assemblies of God, Southern California District
1973    Ministered since 1973 [Virginia]
1973    Molestation occurred in Herndon [VA]

Exhibit #8

Additional Information regarding the molestation by Bob Scott and the timing of the filing of the Herndon police report and Bob Scott’s son, Star’s email:

Additional Information re Police Report and Molestations

Exhibit #9

And finally, this is a major paper that I wrote early in 2008 while attending college after leaving Calvary Temple. The thesis was based entirely on the cult of Calvary Temple and other places like it. For you see, Calvary Temple is but one cult in a sea of thousands located across the United States, and all over the world. We are standing to Expose Calvary Temple…one cult at a time, Jesus is going to take all of you wolves OUT!

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