Rachel Speaks – Special Holiday Edition

Good morning. 

It is my privilege to present to you another installment of Rachel Speaks. This is a Special Holiday Edition.

Rachel, our author, pens what she is calling a ‘mockumantary’; a commentary illustrating the lives of her family, all ex-Calvary Temple members, as they lived it throughout 2020. You know the kind of letter I mean. We all get them in our Christmas cards. Happy accounts of lives – glossing over the bad; highlighting the good.

Rachel has put together a letter that she might have sent to members of Calvary Temple this past Christmas season. I’m sure that I don’t need to remind you that Calvary Temple is a known authoritative and abusive cult located in Sterling, VA. Rachel’s letter has her sister, Wendy – still attending Calvary Temple – specifically in mind.

She loves and misses her. Wendy is not permitted to have anything to do with her natural family, which includes her mother, brother, and Rachel, who has two sons. Wendy herself is now married and a mother. Wendy ignores, excludes, shuns, maligns and demeans all of them. At the behest of Calvary Temple’s leader, Star Robert “Bob” Scott.

This man, Bob Scott, has proclaimed that if anyone leaves Calvary Temple, they are now evil; that everyone who leaves is, “fully serving Satan.”

Right, Bob. SMH. 

It’s a shame, you know, that families are put in this position. A position of heartache and separation, resorting to letters posted on blogs. A truly tragic story for Rachel, and so many others like her. Too many. Far too many.

Keep that in mind as you read Rachel’s heartfelt words. Remember, that this is not what Jesus teaches. 

Are you hearing me yet, Bob Scott? 

For more information see my VIP DOCS and VIP LINKS pages. 

Rachel’s ‘Mockumantary’ Christmas Card:

January 2021 ( can I get a yayyyy)

Hey Family (or I guess acquaintances more so),

The Hoffman’s have done quite a lot in 2020 despite COVID-19. We have moved states, we have enjoyed wayyy too much family time, and have become teachers (thanks COVID).

We have found out a lot about ourselves.

Kitty is extremely active in her church and loves to have her family around especially during the holidays. Evan is a graduate from GMU and has a wonderful job. Rachel has had some set backs due to her mental break downs and being diagnosed with PTSD and bipolar, but she is happily remarried and her kids are as perfect as can be (Deklen is a bit of a spit fire, but we all saw that coming). Wendy had a baby that we are not allowed to see.

Rachel wrote a series of blog posts last year reminding people to remember to check facts before they do a polar plunge. She wrote about the church we once went to and was told to never talk poorly about or face condemnation. She has struggled hard with PTSD from what her family did to her over the years and has faced a lot of obstacles since it’s a tough subject for her.

Rachel has still yet to find Jesus, so she will never be allowed back at Calvary since she’s a rebel (or is she a saint? Is she the salt of the earth and she’s dangerous?). She misses her sister dearly though and hopes to meet Ellie one day.

The rest of the Hoffman’s you ask? Oh well if you have to ask, then you don’t need to know. Rachel just wants to remind you that none of you will get raptured, none of you are Christians in the true form, and please never say you’re doing “god’s will”.

With hope you open your eyes,

Rachel Young and fam bam.


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