Woe to Evil Doers (4/9/15)

I remember exactly how I felt when I FINALLY got around to watching the movie, The Hunger Games. I believe that I sat in the comfort of my living room with my mouth wide open for most of the movie. I continued with the trilogy (it was one of the “Hunger Games Marathon” weekends) devouring … Continue reading Woe to Evil Doers (4/9/15)

Kevin O’Connor Child Sexual Assault Trial Update – With a Personal Plea from Me (8/17/20)

What gives??? I think that I already know the answer to this question. Kevin O’Connor has “friends” in high places. After all, Kevin is a janitor. He can’t afford a high-powered attorney; of that I am certain. No, I’m thinking that O’Connor’s nefarious “pastor” and local Calvary Temple cult leader - who is also an … Continue reading Kevin O’Connor Child Sexual Assault Trial Update – With a Personal Plea from Me (8/17/20)

Day of reckoning (3/27/15)

I will never forget the feeling I had when I opened the end of March blog posts from Tactics. Especially this one: Day of reckoning Can we start with that video, please? I LOVED it! To me, Tactics was calling me and my little band of ex-CTers, The Avengers! We were working together for justice. … Continue reading Day of reckoning (3/27/15)

A Time to Rise Up (3/27/15)

This was written more than FIVE years ago. FIVE. How can it be - with all of the evidence, all of the testimonies of heartbreak, family destruction, kids tossed out onto the street, child sexual abuse yielding one arrest to date, AND a still very active open investigation by the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office (LCSO) … Continue reading A Time to Rise Up (3/27/15)

Hidden Deeds (03/26/15)

What I find so interesting about these early 2015 Tactics’ posts is how eerily they mirror what is going on in our nation right now. With this particular post, I can’t help but think about the Jeffrey Epstein child abuse case, his supposed “suicide”, and the countless children that he abused and hurt. Take Bob … Continue reading Hidden Deeds (03/26/15)

Kevin O’Conner Child Sexual Assault Trial STILL Not Scheduled (06/18/2020)

Not too surprising, upon perusal of the Virginia Courts Case Information website this morning, there is still no trial date set for Calvary Temple member and former deacon, Kevin O’Conner. The defense was granted its motion for a continuance. It looks as if August 11, 2020, is the new hearing date to even schedule a … Continue reading Kevin O’Conner Child Sexual Assault Trial STILL Not Scheduled (06/18/2020)

Train Up A Child… (03/17/15)

First off, go ahead and watch the video that Tactics includes. It’s cute. But. It is also filled with Truth’s about Calvary Temple. You’ll hear them. IF you listen. Carefully. Did you watch it? Good. Now read the accompanied Tactics of Calvary Temple blog post aptly entitled, “Train up a Child...”: …in the way they should go … Continue reading Train Up A Child… (03/17/15)

Construction of a Deathstarr (03/08/2015)

"Now blow this thing so we can all go home." - Han Solo Once upon a time, there was a false pastor named Star(r) Robert Scott. There are some people who don’t believe that he was always a dastardly charlatan, that’s true even today. However, in a land far away called California, young Starr Scott … Continue reading Construction of a Deathstarr (03/08/2015)