Introducing My Pastor (4/20/2015)

Sometimes it’s better to let someone else do the talking. In this Tactics’ post from April 2015, that’s exactly what Tactics does. Tactics shares a MUST-SEE video (please watch it), and the only words written are God’s Words (please read them). Introducing My Pastor I am going to mostly follow Tactics’ example today in my … Continue reading Introducing My Pastor (4/20/2015)

Rachel Speaks – Special Holiday Edition

Good morning.  It is my privilege to present to you another installment of Rachel Speaks. This is a Special Holiday Edition. Rachel, our author, pens what she is calling a 'mockumantary'; a commentary illustrating the lives of her family, all ex-Calvary Temple members, as they lived it throughout 2020. You know the kind of letter … Continue reading Rachel Speaks – Special Holiday Edition

Guests Speak

It's January 2, 2021. Another Christmas. Another New Year. Another holiday season over. And Molly still does not have her family. She is not alone. So many of us - too many of us - countless numbers of families quite factually, and literally, destroyed by one small abusive and authoratative cult located in Sterling, VA. … Continue reading Guests Speak