Mark the Men (10/25/14) – ***Revised

I will never forget my reaction to reading this Tactics’ installment, “Mark the Men,” first posted in late October 2014. I am sure if someone were watching me as I read, they would have seen my jaw drop down and my eyes get wider and more open. Internally, I remember that my heart was racing … Continue reading Mark the Men (10/25/14) – ***Revised

Disclaimer (10/23/14)

Not quite a year into the Tactics of Calvary Temple blog, Tactics felt the need on October 23, 2014, to post a disclaimer. Actually, this post was more of an explanation for the silence rather than a disclaimer. But, perhaps this is merely semantics. Regardless, I am sure that by this time many people had … Continue reading Disclaimer (10/23/14)

Happy Rebirth Day To Me! (12/10/07)

December 10, 2007, is my second rebirth day...11 years ago today, Father, after opening my blind eyes and deaf ears, broke the chains that Wolf Bob Scott and the cult of Calvary Temple placed on my heart, and I left that awful, horrible place.   Since then, my fellow ex-CT warriors - along with Sterling … Continue reading Happy Rebirth Day To Me! (12/10/07)

When You Leave Here, Don’t Reach Back In… (10/20/14)

If this wasn’t so awful, so disgusting…so true…I might be able to laugh now about this after all of these years. However, because this tactic from Wolf Bob Scott has been used by him and his henchman so successfully for decades now, I truly cannot find any sarcastic mirth in this to chuckle over. This … Continue reading When You Leave Here, Don’t Reach Back In… (10/20/14)

Pastoral Care (10/17/14)

Tactics’ post from October 17, 2014, is, in my opinion, self-explanatory without too much help from me…unless, of course, you read through it and express shock, dismay, and disbelief over the fact that this post is describing supposed “pastoral care” in a supposed “church”. You then may need to hear that I can concur with … Continue reading Pastoral Care (10/17/14)