When You Leave Here, Don’t Reach Back In… (10/20/14)

If this wasn’t so awful, so disgusting…so true…I might be able to laugh now about this after all of these years. However, because this tactic from Wolf Bob Scott has been used by him and his henchman so successfully for decades now, I truly cannot find any sarcastic mirth in this to chuckle over.

This has never been, nor is it now…a laughing matter.

When You Leave Here, Don’t Reach Back In…

Tactics writes:

This statement has been made to us for years. Pastor tells people who leave to not try to have any reasoning relationship with those of us still at Calvary Temple. If you leave — or get thrown out —NEVER reach back into us. Why? In order to keep our blind eyes closed and our dulled hearts at ease. He certainly would not want a fresh, chill, breeze of the truth to awaken us out of our death-like slumber.

Those of you reading my blog who have never been involved in a controlling and abusive church, a.k.a. cult, like Calvary Temple probably can’t relate to this. I mean, am I saying that free people, with free will, who are living their lives for Jesus…are still controlled by a wolf as to whether a conversation can be held between two people? With whole family units? People inside of Calvary Temple vs ex-Calvary Temple members?

Yes. That’s exactly what I am saying.

Anyone who is set free by Jesus and leaves the cult of Calvary Temple…IF anyone tries to contact family and friends still involved in this place…we are accused of “reaching in.”

What exactly is this act of reaching in?

According to head wolf Bob Scott, people who leave Calvary Temple are now fully serving Satan. So, if ex-CTers attempt to speak to anyone still within the Calvary Temple cult, Bob says that they are trying to seduce CT members away from Jesus.

Bunk? Absolutely.

But, the Bobites are so brainwashed, blind, deaf, and hard-hearted, they believe this un-Biblical gossip and lies.

Why does Bob Scott do this? Is he worried about his congregants?

Emphatically – NO! He is only worried about himself and his bank account.

If he allows Truth a.k.a. The Holy Spirit to awaken CT members, they won’t want to remain in Calvary Temple. If people leave, that means less money for Bob. That means fewer people to control. This control feeds his narcissistic personality.

One other thing…when ex-CTers try to speak Truth to CT members, the members immediately report this to Bob Scott and cronies. Bob Scott then takes to his faux pulpit to demean, discredit, and villainize the ex-CTer. This seals the deal, effectively keeping his Bobites asleep.

But God!

Even though Bob Scott has had success with this tactic, God is in control. His Holy Spirit, I believe with all of my heart, continues to speak to the remaining Calvary Temple cult members. I know that there are people in that place who now see who and what Bob Scott is. What they are waiting for? Only God knows. But I know, with all of my heart, that Bob Scott’s days as a devouring wolf are numbered.

Bob, you should bow the knee and repent. You should release your captives. They belong to Jesus, not to you. You should turn yourself into the authorities for your crimes against children.

Until Bob Scott is no longer a threat to humanity, please stay away from Calvary Temple located on Triple Seven Rd in Sterling, VA. It is NOT a safe place for anyone or anything.

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(Graphic Credit: Ken Marino)


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