Guests Speak – Grinch Edition

I couldn’t post this – Guests Speak – on Christmas Day…it was just too sad and awful; horrible to think of the loss and agony experienced by Molly Fitch and her family.

Unfortunately, there are far too many families that I am thinking about as I write this – families who are divided, separated, shunned, and destroyed by one man: Star Robert (Bob) Scott, head of the Sterling, Virginia, cult: Calvary Temple.

So many things stood out to me in Molly’s recent Christmas Day letter to her children – children who have cut her off at the malicious direction of a power-wielding, self-imposed despot named Bob Scott – but the one thing that I want you all to take note of is that Bob Scott has taken down the Calvary Temple 2021 Children’s Christmas Program. That’s right. Because Molly was able to watch the video and catch a small glimpse of her grandchildren, the majority of whom she has never met – Bob Scott had the video taken down; removed from the Internet.

How cruel. How uncaring. How selfish.

And the most important point is this: Bob Scott claims that he walks in the Light. He claims that he loves us.

Right. You all can feel the love from Bob, can’t you? Nothing to hide? Then why take it down?

No, Bob. You are a coward. You are evil, and your deeds are evil. There is no Light within you. You do not practice the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In fact, you live by your own rules. Sure, you quote Scripture verses, but you twist them and manipulate them, all to justify your edicts. Do what Bob Scott says, or else.

But I am sure that you, Bob, had a grand Christmas. After all, you have your own family and grandkids surrounding you, loving you…yet, you deny these simple acts of love to people like Molly Fitch. Why? Because she has exposed you. She writes letters to the very children that you have stolen from her. Because she tells the truth about who and what you are.

You’re a mean one, Mr. Bob. You have the heart the size of a pea, or a chunk of coal. You Stink. Stank. Stunk.

But God.

Never forget, Bob, Ezekiel 34. Jesus, our true Shepherd, sees everything that you do; everything that you’ve done.

He is coming, Bob. Jesus, Himself is coming to rescue the sheep that you have discarded.

Then come the woes, Bob.

Merry Christmas, everyone. Never forget to keep your eyes on Jesus; trust in Jesus alone. Never put your hope or faith in a false shepherd like Bob Scott. Keep speaking out. Keep exposing Calvary Temple. Should Jesus tarry, perhaps next Christmas will be different for families like Molly’s.

That is my prayer. That is my hope.

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