Just Runnin’ Scared. (5/04/2015)

Tactics was hitting his/her blog right and left at this point in May 2015. This particular post was one of those that only contained a video and Scripture verses, without comment from Tactics. As with a few of Tactics’ posts, the video is no longer valid or viewable.

Just Runnin’ Scared.

Without knowing for certain, I am pretty sure that the video was of the 1961 Roy Orbison hit, “Runnin’ Scared.” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oC58DYAYCdY)

It’s a fairly dramatic song, but the lyrics, other than the title itself, really have nothing to do with Calvary Temple. Except for the fact that Tactics believed that Bob Scott was Runnin’ Scared back then.

You have to remember what was going on in the spring of 2015. The Loudoun Times-Mirror reporter, Crystal Owens, had begun her highly acclaimed and nominated series on the Calvary Temple Cult (See my VIP Links page for the LTM articles) that spurred weekly protests. Those protests occurred every Sunday across the street from Calvary Temple for one full year.

Accusations of child sexual abuse, authoritative spiritual abuse, children put out of the house, families divided and destroyed, debauchery and lasciviousness within and without the walls of Calvary Temple, and so much more – accusations and filed claims from victims that spurred the Loudoun County Sherriff’s Office into action. LCSO would later make one arrest – to date. That arrest led to a conviction of one Calvary Temple member. There are more accusations that are still being investigated. Make no mistake, Calvary Temple and its members are part of an ongoing active investigation. This investigation has lasted more than six years.

So, you would think that Bob Scott, Calvary Temple cult leader, would indeed have been running scared in 2015. With the community spotlight fixed squarely on Calvary Temple and Bob Scott, you would think that he would admit his part in his own sexual abuse of minors, and the coverup of the sexual assaults committed by Calvary Temple members; assaults that he was made aware of as leader of CT.

You would think.

But no. Over the last 6+ years, Bob Scott has only doubled down; circled the wagons; dug his heels into the ground. He continues to paint hundreds of people, including LCSO Deputies, Loudoun County Judges, community members and leaders, and ex-CT members as liars. Even going so far as to call all of us demon-possessed, anti-Christian, and fully serving Satan.

That’s okay, Bob. I’m standing my ground, too. I know how you twist and weaponize Scriptures to justify your actions and keep a stronghold on your faux pulpit and stolen throne. I know how you lie to destroy lives and obliterate entire family units. All in the name of money, power, and control.

I also know that Jesus knows. That’s right, Bob. When’s the last time you read Ezekiel 34? You should take a look at those words. Jesus is speaking to you as a false shepherd. In those verses, Jesus states that He is going to come to not only take care of His sheep, but He is also going to take you out.

Of course, I wanted this to happen like…yesterday. But I have learned to trust God’s timing. It’s gonna happen, and it will happen at the perfect time. I have no doubt.

But, in the meantime, folks. PLEASE stay away from Calvary Temple. It is not a church, but a dangerous, authoritative, spiritually abusive cult. There are so many other churches in the area – Cornerstone Chapel in Leesburg, VA, for one. Go there!

But whatever you do – DO NOT go to Calvary Temple. Do a Google search. Check out my VIP LINKS and VIP DOCS pages. I’d rather have you stay home than go to Calvary Temple.

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9 thoughts on “Just Runnin’ Scared. (5/04/2015)

  1. It is amazing how people can manipulate the Bible to say what they want it to. There are so many abusive Churches in the world today. Calvary Temple does however, take it to a new level. I was in an Apologetics ministry when in Bible College. Sterling does fit the definition of a Cult. Church leaders demanding loyalty to them, and by doing so, you are honoring Father. It is this manipulation of Scripture that enables them to maintain control over the flock. One day they will stand for judgment. On that day, let’s see them try to manipulate Jesus.


    1. Thank you so much for posting a comment. I truly appreciate it. In your studies, did you read the Ron Enroth book, “Churches that Abuse” or “The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse” by David Johnson and Jeff Von Vonderen?


      1. I can’t say that I have read those books that you mentioned. I go, (off and on), to Calvary Temple -Crofton. I have done this for over 25 years. I usually have to leave for questioning decisions and comments made by Church Leadership. I will not blindly follow a Pastor just because he says for me to. I do love the Doctrine of Godly living and the family type of atmosphere, but being in Church leadership does not exempt anyone from that standard. In over 95% of Cults that I have investigated, this is the pattern. Church Leadership is not held to the same standard as the body. Many have done very sinful and immoral things. In Crofton, I will give Pastor Jim credit for living a Godly life and being an example to the flock. I have a Doctorate in Theology and have written a book on Mormonism, as well as writing papers on the Nation of Islam. I have heard many things about Sterling, and I must admit that what is shared on the Blog is very informative. I worked in the Maryland Division of Corrections for 34 years, and recently retired. Some of my duties included Intelligence, gangs, cults, as well as Criminal Investigations. The information gleaned from the Blog is more than enough to warrant a Criminal investigation into Church Leadership. My major field of study is Eschatology – End Times. I have spent over 28 years in this field of study and see prophecy being completed in our time. Recently I was told not to share Eschatology with anyone in the Church. I was told that we come to Church to “Die to Self” and speak into the lives of others around us. This stems from a statement I made to another person in Church via email when it seemed that I was critical about something the Pastor said to me. He criticized me spending a lot of time reading Daniel, Zephaniah, Zechariah, Ezekiel and other OT books. If one is to understand Revelation and Eschatology accurately, then the OT books reveal exactly what will happen. What I said about the Pastors statement to me was not being critical, rather, it was a statement of fact. The person that I shared it with is Fiercely devoted to the Pastor at all costs, and the Pastor is always right, even when he is wrong. This person comes from Sterling. It is a pleasure to see that this blog site holds leadership accountable. You remind me of Rev. 2:2 – The Church of Ephesus tried those who claimed to be apostles, which were not and they were found to be liars. I paraphrased the verse. Keep up the great work!


  2. I appreciate your heart and your body of work, and I appreciate your transparency with me. The only thing that I would say is that it is my belief that Calvary Temple of Crofton, MD is no different than Calvary Temple of Sterling, VA. The root is the same. I will leave you with one story: I, of course, know Jim and Maryanne LaRock. They were two of the first people I met when I first started attending CT in 1995. I really liked them and thought that they were so nice. Then Jim was made a pastor and subsequently given the oversight of CT in Maryland. I remember vividly attending the ceremony in Crofton, celebrating the new building. And I remember when Jim LaRock got up to speak. He sounded hard and harsh, just like Bob Scott. It broke my heart, but it was the Truth. I would never recommend any church (cult) affiliated with Calvary Temple, Sterling, VA, and that includes Crofton, MD. I pray that your heart will lead you elsewhere. For example, I am very far away from Cornerstone Chapel, but I attend online every Sunday. This morning’s message was powerful. Be blessed, my friend. Please continue to stand on the pure Word of God, exposing blasphemous twisting of Scripture at every turn.


  3. Dear martin Ice,
    I read with great interest your thoughtful responses.You seem to be well acquainted with Jim LaRock, Crofton Calvary Temple and Sterling Calvary Temple. And you clearly are not supportive of many of the actions of both locations. If I may, I would like to respond to one aspect of your comment. You mentioned you appreciate the family type of atmosphere. My immediate thought is to wonder if you know any of the families in Jim LaRock’s church that have experienced heartache at his hand. I have spoken with a number of those who have seen their own families torn apart because they left Crofton Calvary Temple. They have desperately contacted myself and other “ex-CTers” for help in saving their marriages and/or their families from destruction. And yet it has happened at Jim LaRock’s location in much the same way as in the Sterling church. I have often prayed that someone would start a blog such as this one to warn the community and the members at Crofton CT of what can happen to them and their loved ones. As Michelle Freeman said in her comment, there truly is no difference between Calvary Temple Sterling and Calvary Temple Crofton.


  4. I must admit that I too have seen families torn apart at Crofton. I too have been the brunt of preaching attacks in the past from Jim LaRock. The people that I knew 25 years ago at Crofton have diminished greatly. Calvary Temple is not unlike so many Christian Churches and cults in this area, but this too was spoken of in Scripture as those that fall away in the Last Days. I understand that this training comes from Sterling. For example, most of my problems stem from those who are dedicated to supporting the Pastor over Scripture. They came from Sterling. There are not enough people at Crofton to start a blog site. The number of people that attend Crofton is dwindling. Pastor Jim has started showing more encouragement to individuals, and has preached on the same. That is promising. Given my background in Cults, I have started reading Pastor Scotts books, making careful notes on how he has contorted Scripture to justify his doctrine. Doing this type of research is pain-staking, but must be done to give support for the conclusion of Cultish doctrine. Adams Rib is a prime example. I have taken Biblical Languages in College. I am amazed on how he mishandles the Greek in just the start of the book. I do not attend Calvary Crofton on a regular basis any longer, and do love some of the people there. I want to be able to complete my research in how Pastor Scott arrives at his doctrine. When researching the Mormons before writing my book, I spent many years reading their material and attending their churches meetings and going to the Temple so I could quote them accurately. My prayer and all of our prayers should be the restoration of Christian lives that have been demolished.


  5. Good morning, Martin Ice. Wow! What a great comment thread!

    My blog was never about those within Calvary Temple. After all, they are spiritually held captive and only the Holy Spirit can set them free. No, my blog has always been to warn others to stay away from places (cults) like Calvary Temple – Sterling and Crofton. So, your blog wouldn’t necessarily be directed at the Crofton Jim-ites; however, your blog could be about dissecting Bob Scott’s catalog of blasphemous books. You could write a post about each book/chapter. No one has done this specifically. Anyway. I am not by any means, telling you what to do. Carry on my friend. But, I implore you – as I do anyone and everyone at the end of each of my blog posts – stay far away from Calvary Temple, Crofton, MD/Sterling, VA

    #exposecalvarytemple #ForSuchATimeAsThis #Ezekiel34


    1. Thanks for your comment and support. I think that it would be interesting to do a Pastor Scott book / chapter dissection. That just might work.


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