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March 26, 2019 Guests Speak from Leaving Calvary Temple

February 10, 2019

Hi all, been a moment since my last post. Lots going on in my life, and I am sure in yours. Since leaving Calvary Temple, my life has had its fair share of ups and downs. Bob Scott would have you believe that just because you attend his cult, your life will be better than if you didn’t. But, he’s lying to you, as always.

Life, in general, can be beautiful, hard, challenging, and at times, straight up awful. Jesus never promised us a rose garden, but what He did say was that He would never leave us, nor forsake us. Jesus actually has thousands of Words to say about His love for us. Jesus knows our human frailties.

Wolf Bob Scott would have everyone believe that if you leave Calvary Temple, you lose Jesus. You go to Hell. Period.

What a liar.

Bob Scott also goes against the Word of God by separating families: husbands from wives, wives from husbands, children from parents, grandparents from grandchildren…on and on, day after day.

Bob Scott does this. Not Jesus.

I have done quite a few Guests Speak posts since starting this blog. Molly Fitch’s heartwrenching blog, Dear Calvary Temple – Letters to my Children, Family, and Friends, speaks to the heart of the evil that is Bob Scott and Calvary Temple. Today’s post comes from a friend of the Fitch’s – Molly’s own version of, ‘Guests Speak’. I personally love when Molly shares others’ words and thoughts concerning BS and CT…people who never attended the place but have seen the destruction and devastation for themselves.

Letter to Jonathan, Sarah, Joshua, and Christina from Mrs. McDougall (January 31, 2019)

But, most importantly is that everyone understands that the Fitch family is but one of perhaps hundreds of families separated, split, spliced, purged – tragic story after another.

I’ll leave you with just a few images of Bob Scott’s ‘work’…then you tell me…What Would Jesus Do?

Not this, I can tell you right now…NOT THIS.

#exposecalvarytemple #HundredsThousandsMore #DestroyedFamilies #DestroyedRelationshipds #BobScottLies #ButGod #WeWait #WWJD #NotThis #ForSuchATimeAsThis #Ezekiel34

September 20, 2018

Please believe me, dear readers, when I tell you that I am currently working on a new blog post, a commentary from Tactics written and posted on October 2, 2014. But with such a flurry of activity going on with Calvary Temple arrests, new folks leaving…YAY!!!…and fellow bloggers posting letters or articles too important not to share…I can’t not post today’s today’s most recent installment from Dear Calvary Temple.

A heart-wrenching plea from a dear friend to another dear friend’s children.

Please read. Please pray. Please stand. Please warn. Please speak out. Please speak up.

Enough is enough


Letter to Calvary Temple and the Fitch Children from Ellen (September 20, 2018)

September 16, 2018

***Note to my readers: Due to recent travels to Virginia and Pennsylvania, followed by the excruciatingly slow-moving Hurricane, now Tropical Depression Florence, I have been a bit MIA. Please continue to pray for the Carolinas #PrayingHasAvailedMuch #CarolinaStrong #FloGoAway

Today’s Guests Speak is a letter from Gretal Fitch to her brother Jonathan. So heartbreakingly sad, and certainly Jonathan’s behavior does not, nor has it ever represented the heart of Jesus. Shame on you, Jonathan. Shame on you, Wolf Bob Scott.

You tell me what you think, dear readers:

Letter to Jonathan from Gretel (September 15, 2018)

#exposecalvarytemple #ButGod #ForSuchATimeAsThis #Ezekiel34

August 10, 2018

[Multiple Blog] Guests Speak + My Own Personal Message to Tactics of Calvary Temple 

Dear, Tactics of Calvary Temple…where are you? We are noticing your absence. I’ve received messages wondering why you’ve gone “dark”…and other blogs are getting messages and letters, too.

Just today, my co-blogger, Leaving Calvary Temple, posted a letter that was addressed to Tactics of Calvary Temple.

Why go through another blog, you ask?

It is because, since Day 1, while “Tactics” allows comments, he/she never replies. Ever.

Hence, my blog. Hence, others speaking to “Tactics” through us “other bloggers”…

Here is my message to Tactics:

Dear Tactics of Calvary Temple,

Thank you for everything you’ve done since your first blog post in December 2013. You have encouraged, puzzled, befuddled, enlightened, spoke the Truth, revealed Bob Scott’s evilness and deception, written some head-scratchers (hence the need for my blog, My Calvary Temple Tactics Blog Commentary)…and so much more…

We miss you. I miss you.

We…I…hope that you are okay.

Please know that we/I have noted your absence. I pray that you are silent because you are on the vacation of a lifetime. Or – even better yet – you made the decision to head out of the Cult of Calvary Temple. That maybe you are taking some time off to heal. To mend. To just finally fellowship with God that way that we are all meant to.

But, Tactics…know this. Whether this is the end, or whether you are just taking a much-needed break. I will be FOREVER grateful to you and for you. You have been just as much a part of us ex-CTers who have been speaking out since 2008, as anyone.

You took risks. You took chances. You STAYED IN A CULT, (as far as I or anyone knows) to write your blog from December 2013 to May 2018.

THANK YOU, Tactics

PS Maybe it was fitting for you to end with Mother, after all, we moms have been treated especially horribly by Wolf Bob Scott. Regardless, if you ever want to write me, to say “Hello!”…you know how to get in touch with me. Be blessed, Tactics.

#exposecalvarytemple #ex-CTers #ForeverThankful #ForeverGrateful #ForSuchATimeAsThis #Ezekiel34

August 9, 2018

And another No Trespassing Summons.


Dear Calvary Temple: A Letter to Taylor from Ellen Kusar (8/9/2018)

I’m sorry, but I am all riled up right this second. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

Shame on you, Taylor Kane. Shame on you, Sarah Fitch Kane.

Shame on Jonathan and Carly. Shame on Josh and Olivia. Shame on Christina.



I will let the Word of God speak:



You know what? Taylor, Sarah, Jonathan, Carly, Joshua, Olivia, and Christina…keep on doing what you are doing.

Because. In the end…


Allow me to relate this story to you:

Right before I left the Calvary Temple Cult (CTC), wolf Bob Scott was teaching from a Jerry Bridges book during the final year that I was there in 2007. I apologize because I can’t remember the name of the book (and the CTC website is down. YAY.), so I can’t do any research. Regardless, Wolf Bob taught from every chapter except the one that contained the following (please excuse the paraphrase):

Jerry Bridges had a close theological friend who loved the Lord, but Jerry and he disagreed with certain Scripture.

Jerry was ready to break the relationship with this friend because Jerry truly believed that his interpretation was the correct one.

[After all…applying what we’ve all been brainwashed by wolf Bob Scott, Jerry was right, wasn’t he? Attending CTC, you soon start to believe that it is your way or the highway. CTC has the begin all, end all when it comes to interpreting God’s Word. According to Wolf Bob Scott and his Bobites…that’s how things are done. Bob’s “teachings”, his word, his interpretation of Scripture is the only way to look at God; Bob’s way is right. If you don’t agree? You are cut off. Period.]


Jerry’s story doesn’t end there, Bob.

While in prayer, God showed Jerry Bridges the following: (and I paraphrase again…) God speaking, “Jerry, think about this: you say that you are correct in interpreting MY Scripture…to the point that you would break your relationship with a brother in Christ; cut him off. But. What happens when you stand before Me on judgment day? What happens if YOU are wrong?”


Do you get what I just wrote?

Bobites…what if you are WRONG???? What if you cut people off; sever relationships with believers; DISHONOR mothers and fathers; divorce; ENCOURAGE DIVORCE; “MARK” people; Gossip; Lie; serve NO TRESPASSING SUMMONS TO YOUR MOTHER?????

And on. And on. And on. And on.

Think about that, would you?

Believe me when I tell you that reading that particular chapter of that particular Jerry Bridges book…AND…have Bob Scott ignore it?

THAT spoke volumes to me.

(Thank you, Holy Spirit!!)


I’m done. Shake My Head. Just when I think that Bob Scott and his blind followers have done enough, one more egregious act occurs.

Again. SMH.

Bob and company, I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. We are all human in need of a Savior. But, Bob…I’ve got to tell you…you keep thinking that you’ve got it all figured out. I’m telling you that you and your deaf, blind, and cold-hearted followers are going to be sadly and rudely awakened.

Is it too late for all of you?

Only God knows.

One day you will stand before God.

One day we will all stand.

Think about that.

Taylor. Sarah. Jonathan. Carly. Joshua. Olivia. Christina.

You’ve [ARROGANTLY] dishonored your mother. Believing that you are right.


I will continue to warn until Wolf Bob Scott publically admits what’s he’s done to children, to families, to lives – to everyone. Until Bobites are set free; until destroyed families are reunited; until not one other unsuspecting person sets one foot on that hellish property; until pedophile, Bob Scott is behind bars…

PLEASE DO NOT GO TO CALVARY TEMPLE, STERLING, VA…for any thing, for any reason. It is a known abusive and authoritative cult, currently under investigation by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office for alleged CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE.


#exposecalvarytemple #WhatIfYouAreWRONG #GodHelpYou #ListenToThatStillSmallVoice #WakeUP #NoTrespassing #Really #ForSuchATimeAsThis #Ezekiel34

July 27, 2018

To Bob Scott and everyone who chooses to stay in this cult…to anyone who makes the choice to worship a false leader:


“Only Sarah did I see, and it was ten seconds of ‘Please leave this property immediately, or I will call the police.”
But Sarah, all I said was you look beautiful and thought how identical you are to your sister Gretel in looks.”

Dear Calvary Temple

Above is an excerpt from Molly Fitch’s latest blog post – A daughter talking to her mother; Talking to a mother who has done nothing wrong except leave a cult. A mother who only wants to see her children and her grandchildren. A mother who only wants to see her rifted and destroyed family restored. A mother who only wants her children set free from the clutches of a wolf, Bob Scott.

Shameful. Disgusting. Putrid.

A warning to anyone who thinks that Calvary Temple located in Sterling, VA is a safe place for you, your family, or your children. It is not. It is an authoritative, controlling, abusive cult. Please stay far away. Please continue to warn everyone.

#exposecalvarytemple #BobScottIsAFiend #CalvaryTempleIsACult #StayFarAway

May 22, 2018

First of all, there are poor choices and bad decisions that human beings, including Christians, make. Believe me, I know. I’ve made far too many, with real consequences.

But this latest letter from Molly Fitch to Wolf Tony Wozniak has nothing to do with human error. This letter is directed to a man who deliberately, willingly, and methodically has followed the heinous direction of Head Wolf Bob Scott, perpetrating calculated and atrocious acts against countless people, most especially against Molly Fitch.

Letters to My Children and the Pastors of Calvary Temple Churches (May 21, 2018)

The world is a mess, for sure. But when supposed “pastors” work in concert to destroy lives and families, one would think that there is no hope.

But God.

If these wolves would only bow the knee. Repent. Go to each and every single person that they have wounded, molested, abused, raped, destroyed. Turn themselves into the authorities. Restore families. Restore children to parents. Restore parents to children.

Then, and only then, might these wicked awful men be spared on their day of reckoning.

However, I’m not holding my breath.

That’s why we continue to speak out. This must end. LCSO? Where are you in your investigation. Get these men off the streets. Get them out of the community. No matter where they are – be it in Sterling, VA; Crofton, MD; Africa; Buffalo, NY – they are a blight. They are dangerous.

This isn’t simply human error or stupidity. This is evil.

And it has got to stop.


May 21, 2018

Excellent Guests Speak post from the blog Leaving Calvary Temple:

Calvary Temple – No, You Are Not Free

Bob Scott would have everyone believe that he is the “be all, end all” with God regarding the path that the Holy Spirit leads you down. But the reality is, Bob Scott doesn’t want anyone to ever leave Calvary Temple. Why? Because of the “bottom line”…you leave, his personal pocketbook suffers.

In Calvarytempleland, it is never about anything other than Bob. It isn’t about Jesus. It certainly isn’t about the Word of God. And it will never be because he cares about the Bobites, Henchmen, Minions, or literally anyone in the world outside of the Calvary Temple Cult.

It always was, and always will be about Wolf Bob Scott.



May 7, 2018

Hi everyone…I’ve been traveling and working – a lot – and my post frequency has suffered a little. But, no matter. Wolf Bob Scott and his treacheries never rest. Even today, ironically, is his birthday, and I would bet that he is off getting a massage, or buying another expensive piece of jewelry. I am also very certain that he will have every Bobite fawning over him…he’s so important, you understand.

But, this coming Sunday, May 13, is Mother’s Day. The online Dictionary defines this special day like this:

Moth·er’s Day

“a day of the year (in the US, the second Sunday in May) on which mothers are honored by their children.” (

As you know, I’ve shared too many heartbreaking posts from Molly Fitch’s blog, Dear Calvary Temple – Letters to My Children, Family, and Friends, and today’s share is perhaps the most horrible yet.

Letter to Jonathan (April 28, 2018)

To be so horribly treated by her children is beyond comprehension…or is it?

Story after story, year after year…for over forty years. This is what Bob Scott does. This is how far he goes to brainwash his cult members. And the worst part is, the Bobites believe that this is Christianity.

Can’t you see Jesus doing what Jonathan did?

Nope. I didn’t think so.

Dear Molly, and every mother whose heart has been broken…over and over again by Wolf Bob Scott and his blind minions…I will never stop standing for you. I will never stop speaking out. Mother’s Day should be a special day. Instead, for far too many of us, it is a bittersweet time. And the worst part of it all…it ought not to be. Ever. Never.

To Wolf Bob Scott…this is your legacy. You will forever be known to everyone as a monster; a pervert who divides mothers and fathers from their children; a pedophile; a narcissistic abuser; a selfish false shepherd; a cult leader.

Today, on your birthday, what a gift it would be if you would restore what you have stolen.

But you won’t. It’s all about you, Bob. All about you and your little “kingdom.”

You disgust me.

April 25, 2018

Well, well, well Bob Scott…you truly live in a fantasy world if you think for one minute that anything that comes out of your mouth even remotely resembles Truth. I see you are at it again…making claims of your cult’s perfections and protections where none…absolutely none…exist.

You just can’t quit though, can you?

Folks, read this most excellent recent blog post from Leaving Calvary Temple:

“We Protect Our Children”

Sitting here shaking my head, as usual. Bob, I’m telling you right now, those lies of yours are going to get you in the end. How do I know this? Because God says so. The End.


February 17, 2018

The latest installment from the blog, Leaving Calvary Temple: Another Twisted Scripture by Star Scott, is a “must read.” This is an excellent post that takes Bob Scott’s manipulation of the Word of God apart, piece by piece – more evidence of how this wolf operates. To the Sterling community and surrounding areas, we continue to warn you away from this abusive cult and its corrupt leader.

To the members of Calvary Temple, THINK. Think about what Bob Scott is doing to you and your families. Little by little he is systematically and calculatingly eroding your family units. He cares NOTHING about you and your loved ones. He cares nothing about Jesus and His Word. He only cares about himself.



December 27, 2017

Although I’ve been quiet lately on my own blog, Tactics has kept me very busy writing commentary on new December 2017 posts. Regardless, a fellow Stander and author of her very personal and poignant blog, “Dear Calvary Temple – Letters to My Children, Family, and Friends,” wrote this message to her kids and grand-kids on December 24, 2017:

Dear Calvary Temple – Letter to My Children & Grandchildren (December 24, 2017)

While others may stop speaking out when their families are reunited, Standers like myself have families that have been completely destroyed by Wolf Bob Scott. I will never have the luxury of “standing down” – my family, the family I knew before CT, is gone.

No, I will continue to speak out until God releases me.

But, that is not the real point of this post. I had thought about writing a Christmas message, but dear Molly’s Christmas Eve letter speaks volumes…

So, to all families who have finally been restored, Merry Christmas! My heart is so very happy for you! After all, you are all why I, and others, Stand; Speak Out.

To the families that are still torn apart, I still say, “Merry Christmas!” Because Jesus is ultimately why we do what we do. Jesus is the “Reason for the Season.”

And to everyone, I will continue to stand, to pray, to speak out; to watch and wait for my own family…

Merry Christmas! Perhaps 2018 will be THE year for “restoring what the locusts (Bob Scott) have consumed.”

But God!

#exposecalvarytemple #ezekiel34

December 15, 2017

Merry Christmas, everyone. It’s been a while since my last post. A lot going on right now. Besides, I’ve had the privilege of posting some of the very best from others…”must reads,” if you ask me.

Take today, for instance. The Leaving Calvary Temple blog posted just yesterday, what should be an eye-opening (hopefully) and comprehensive list of just what is so wrong in the Calvary Temple Cult of Sterling, VA. When you put it all together, it is an overwhelming condemnation. And, honestly? I am sure that there are a few points left off, if you can believe that.

It is my privilege to present: Leaving Calvary Temple – The Enormity of it All

November 28, 2017

It’s true. I am blessed with good and dear friends, that’s for sure! (Despite the Calvary Temple Cult’s best efforts, I might add!).

This same dear friend who was the sharer of the November 14 Guests Speak, also posted this in a small FB group that I am part of, and I couldn’t help but add it today. Wise words of caution and advice, for sure.

His words are perfect for today’s introduction:

“I had to quickly look to the end of this article to see the name of the author. After reading the 6 reasons I truly wondered if it might have been written by a former CT member. Every single one of these points are applicable to CT. Members are specifically told that numbers 1 & 6 are absolute no-no’s – actually they forbid it. Numbers 2 – 5 are practiced, dare I say “religiously” 😯?”

*My note: As always, there are far too many good churches out there for anyone to remain in an abusive one like Calvary Temple. Please, if your “church” is controlling and manipulative…get out. Now.

6 Reasons Why It’s Okay For You To Leave Your Church by Mallory Redmond

November 14, 2017:

A dear friend of mine shared the video that is the subject of today’s Guests Speak. I believe that his words are more than sufficient as a lead-in:

“Worth watching for sure. While not a “church” and not identical to CT, [there are] many similarities and may be helpful for those who have asked the question, “How can intelligent people end up and/or stay in a cult?” Toward the end of this 16 minute video, a few former members of this cult describe having their eyes opened to what they are in, very similar to the experience of many exCT members. And thus continues to give hope for those still trapped by the deception and control of the CT leaders.”

How Well-Meaning, Intelligent People Wind Up in a Cult

Finally, my thoughts while viewing:

The counselor was, IMO, 100% accurate. Please listen to what he has to say.

The members’ experience, while a completely different type of cult, could have been my own.

I appreciate the fact that the former leader not only recognized what he did, but he publicly owned up to it, AND he apologized to his former members. Can you see Bob Scott EVER doing that? NOPE. NEVER.

And finally, please remember that while places like EnlightenedNext exist all over this world, cults like Calvary Temple are even more dangerous because these Bob Scott-like wolves use the Bible to manipulate, entrap, and fleece its followers.


October 12, 2017:

Today’s Guests Speak post comes from an unlikely source, Kristina Kuzmic. Known for her parenting videos, many will recognize her as the “Truth Bomb Mom”. Kristina has made a name for herself as a creative, yet unpretentious parent, as well as a world-renowned motivational speaker/comedian. What many people don’t know, like many women, men, and far too many children, is that she was a victim of a sexual assault…and she didn’t come forward.

I Didn’t Tell

There are far too many victims of sexual predators, and many more who never speak of what happened to them, let alone go to the police. These abuses are usually a case of “she said; he said”, making the path toward conviction a difficult one – difficult, but not impossible.

I post this because of the Calvary Temple Cult (CTC) and the Loudoun County Sheriff Office (LCSO) *investigation of this place for child sexual abuse. Victims have come forward, but, as we saw with Bill Cosby, the more voices, the more powerful the case against these disgusting perpetrators. Bill Cosby, while he didn’t quite make it to prison where he belongs, his life, like his victims’ lives, will never be the same.

There are men, AND women within the CTC compound who should be in prison.

If you are reading this, and you are a victim of sexual abuse or a sexual assault, especially a CTC victim, please contact LCSO. Tell them what happened to you. They will believe you. I believe you. God believes you.

*The investigations regarding allegations of sexual and physical abuse at CT are still active and the process takes time. There are still victims of physical and sexual abuse that have not been able to come forward for one reason or another. Abuse can make a person deal with fear, among a host of other issues (depression, PTSD, shame, anxiety, denial). If you haven’t come forward yet and would like to do so, the number to call for abuse not of a sexual nature is 703-777-1021, and the number for the juvenile sexual crimes unit is 703-777-0475. LCSO is fully aware of the emotional concerns with this case and are willing to come to individuals that may want to speak up. There is NO pressure to speak up and counseling is available for victims.If you are a victim, an eye witness or someone with evidence please call the police. Thank you for speaking out against the injustices you or others have suffered and for your patience in this matter.

I Believe You

September 27, 2017:

I realize that calling someone a ‘liar’ is a very serious accusation. After all, how many of us have not lied – even a ‘little white one’. Be honest.

However, the majority of us do not call ourselves ‘pastor’, ‘shepherd’, ‘minister of the Gospel, ‘apostle’, ‘prophet’…you get the idea. No, when a supposed ‘man of God’ stands in a pulpit, time after time, for over 40 years now, and tells manipulative lie after lie…he gets called out, and Scripture stands behind this Exposing of Bob Scott and Calvary Temple.

As in the past, the blog Leaving Calvary Temple (LCT) has appeared on my Guests Speak page, with good reason. The following post generated  much attention, especially from the Wolf himself. Read on. What do YOU think?

LCT – Lies From Calvary Temple

September 2, 2017:

Leaving Calvary Temple’s (LCT) latest blog post is a “must read” for anyone and everyone who wants to #exposecalvarytemple. This post is yet another example of the putrid, accusatory, blasphemous words that spew out of False Shepherd Bob Scott’s mouth.

LCT opens this way: “The following statements were recently made by Star Scott during a teaching he calls The God of This World.  Mr Scott has a rebuke for all who dare to ask God the question “why?”.” LCT also includes the link to the audio (see above). Be warned, if you do choose to listen, you will want to vomit, of that I am sure.

If you decide to opt out of listening to the Wolf speak, be sure to read LCT’s post by clicking on the following link.

LCT – He Said That? Pt. 4

August 31, 2017:

How many of my ex-CTers remember Wolf Bob Scott denouncing Pastor David Wilkerson from his faux pulpit after he found out that we were sharing Pastor Wilkerson’s newsletter regarding the Prodigal Son? I sure do. I’ve been receiving and reading Pastor David’s newsletters for almost two decades and I’ve never read a word of condemnation, but only the Truth from God’s Word. Even when that Word is tough, God’s Word through true Shepherds is spoken in Love. One day I will post that particular newsletter, but for today, I am posting World Challenges latest from the Pulpit Series. The very first sentence touched my heart, and after reading the entire piece, I didn’t feel any less loved by God. In fact, I felt even MORE loved! Now answer honestly – when was the last time anyone can say that after leaving a “teaching” by Bob? If you’re honest, you’ll say that you can’t remember. Only condemnation comes from the wolves of the Calvary Temple Cult. Enough intro. Please read. I pray that you will be as blessed as I was.

The Touch of God: Being Possessed by God, by Pastor David Wilkerson

August 21, 2017:

I love this post…amen, I say. Not speaking out against CT after departure has prolonged the inevitable. While this is not a judgment against those who have left in the past, I can’t help but wonder how many people/lives/families/children…on and on…would not have been hurt, deceived, destroyed had the collective voices we represent started sounding out decades ago….what I do know is that I trust God. I do know what happened to me and my family. I do know that people are no longer fearful and are speaking out…I pray that more voices from the past 40 years will join us. Let’s stand together on the Word of God, and speak against this wolf and his false doctrine. Let’s stand for everyone who has been hurt…shall we?

Leaving Calvary Temple: Deceived

August 19, 2017:

A mother’s plea while continuing to speak the Truth. Please read another Guests Speak piece from my friend Molly Fitch. #exposecalvarytemple:

Letter to My Children (August 17, 2017)

August 6, 2017:

Leaving Calvary Temple is another anonymous blog for ex-members of Calvary Temple, Sterling, VA, as well as those seeking information about Calvary Temple. This VIP blog (link posted also on my VIP Links page) posted on Saturday, August 5, 2017, an article about, “Hypocrites and Calvary Temple” with a link to an article from The article describes Wolf Bob Scott exactly. It also lends support to the folks who attend or attended this place and the type of people all of us are – trusting people who in turn were used, abused, maligned, and in many cases, oh so much worse…But God!

Please take a minute…this post and article explains so much.

Leaving Calvary Temple: Hypocrites and Calvary Temple

August 2, 2017:

My friend, John Miuccio, posted a very good post about what not to say to someone who has come out of an abusive church experience. I will state right off that I do not know the author or his/her history. What I do know is that this blog post is accurate and will very easily represent us ex-CTers. Each of the six points are extremely relevant to leaving and exposing Calvary Temple; however, anyone who knows me will understand how #5 gets under my skin. That word ‘bitter’…Bob Scott, look up the definition of ‘bitter’! It is YOU and your cult that is bitter!

What Not to Say to Someone Who has been Hurt by “Church”

July 27, 2017:

Sometimes it’s best to let others speak. Please take a minute to read my dear friend Molly Fitches’ post from July 26, 2015. This is why we do what we do to EXPOSE CALVARY TEMPLE.

Dear Calvary Temple July 26, 2015

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