Guests Speak


Take a look at this anonymous letter sent to and published by blogger Molly Fitch:


Would love to hear/read your thoughts, dear followers and readers.

I can tell you that regardless of Bob Scott’s “leadership” choices, his reasons are NEVER for good. He always does things to suit his own purposes. He is a conniving wolf, a predator, a seducer and manipulator, a master of deception and lies. Calvary Temple, his domain, continues to do things by HIS rule book, not the Bible.

As a continued warning, stay far away from this place.

BTW, if Wolf Bob does make his daughter lead pastor…if you think Bob rules with an iron rod? Just get Kim in there. She’s crude, lascivious, unscrupulous, unyielding, plays favorites, pits people against each other, is just a plain old very ‘mean girl’, and she has covered for her father’s sins and her own, for decades now.

But God.

#exposecalvarytemple #BobAndKim #CutFromTheSameCloth #EvilAndDangerous #TheyWriteTheirOwnRuleBook #ForSuchATimeAsThis #Ezekiel34



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