Guests Speak Special Edition: Crusading Bloggers (6/3/19)

Today, the Washington Post published a new article by Sarah Stankorb with the long, but enticing title, The Crusading Bloggers Exposing Abuse in Protestant Churches – No one was paying attention — until these armchair investigators came along.

Being a “Crusading Blogger” myself, you can imagine my interest when I saw the link in my Facebook feed. Then I realized that it was on The Wartburg Watch Facebook page and I became even more excited.

The Wartburg Watch, along with The Washington Post, have both championed our Expose Calvary Temple work, beginning way back in November 2008 when Michelle Boorstein and The Washington Post published the first of many articles spanning more than 10 years now, and counting (See my VIP Links Page).

In 2015, The Wartburg Watch did an entire series on our stories: Calvary Temple Series.

Sometimes I feel like our stories fall on deaf ears. That the victims who suffered through countless horrendous actions of child sexual abuse, at the hands of evil men and women who still attend Calvary Temple, will never see justice. That the many many lives and families who unknowingly put their trust in Star Robert Scott, have been forever destroyed and torn apart by his lies, manipulations, and calculated deceptions. These people, and what once was, will never be the same, will never be put back together. Ever.

That too many people living in Loudoun County and the surrounding areas will still go to Calvary Temple thinking that it is a safe place for them and their families, only to be abused themselves. That they will send their children to the “free” sports and cheerleading camps held every summer – a ploy to lure in the kids…

But. Truth is Truth.

So, I will continue to blog, to crusade, to warn, to be an activist. I am not alone. As today’s WaPo article demonstrates, there are others out there looking for the same thing. To shine a light on the evil and darkness that exists in the rank and file of the Protestant Church. Specific for me, I shine a spotlight on the little non-denominational so-called church located on Triple Seven Rd in Sterling, VA – Calvary Temple, and its leader Star Robert Scott.

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