Deception 2.0 (11/12/2014)

Huh. I just conducted a quick Google search prior to writing this piece based on Tactics’ opening sentence:

“All good liars know you must be believable.”

Google delivered no less than 1,010,000 results. I only checked out a few, all from reputable sources. I provided the first three links for you…interesting reads:

Top Ten Secrets of Effective Liars

Good Liars Their Characteristics and Why They are so Hard to Detect

18 Attributes of Highly Effective Liars

If you took even just a second to scan through these articles, and you either once attended CT, or you’ve been following all of the CT news over the last 10+ years, you’ll understand why I can say that the information contained in these ‘liar blog articles’ remind me of Star Robert Scott, who is the head ‘really good liar’ of his cult, Calvary Temple.

Oh, if only the Internet and Google existed back when I first met Bruce D. Meeting when I was only 18 years old, he is the one who told me about Calvary Temple. Bruce was a co-worker and a close friend. Why wouldn’t I believe him? Trust him? After all, he believed that CT was a good and safe church for my family and me.

No, no internet. No Google. Only the words of a trusted friend. AND…the very believable lies from a charismatic, manipulative, narcissistic cult leader.

And my gut; my inner voice. I did have those tools in my personal tool chest.

When I first heard Bob Scott’s given name, Star, and heard of the name of his cult, Calvary Temple, my first thoughts were, “Star Scott! What kind of name is that? Calvary Temple? It all sounds like a cult to me!”

Why, oh why, didn’t I trust that inner voice? Why, did I go ahead and bring my family to Calvary Temple?

Because I trusted. I trusted someone close to me who believed all of Bob Scott’s lies, too. Because it all sounded so good. Because everyone was so nice and welcoming. The buildings, grounds, and property so well-kept and groomed. Because I believed that it was a safe place to raise my children.

Because Star Robert Scott is a very good and believable liar.

BTW, I just did a Google search using the following terms, ‘Calvary Temple Sterling VA’ and yielded 309,000 results. The first page was loaded with the news regarding the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) investigation of CT members for child sexual abuse.

Go on. Give it a try.

One last note to add to this Tactics’ blog post:

Once my eyes started to open and I saw exactly what was going on, David Wilkerson, a very well-known preacher and evangelist, published a newsletter regarding Luke 15, the story of The Prodigal Son.

Up until this newsletter, Bob Scott would readily recommend and endorse David Wilkerson. That is, until I, along with a handful of other CT members, got a hold of this wonderful information, sharing it with one another, and began to question what Bob Scott was saying to us about our children. (If you want to learn more about this time in my life you can read my story here).

Once Bob found out that we were reading, discussing AND sharing this with each other, he did not hesitate to denounce David Wilkerson publicly from his faux pulpit.

I was shocked when Bob did this! Bob Scott was saying that David Wilkerson could not be trusted?

For me, that was one of the best things that Bob Scott ever did.

I knew that what David Wilkerson had written about Luke 15 was Truth, and I knew that what Bob Scott was telling me to do regarding my son was wrong and not Scriptural. I was seeing Bob Scott for the lying wolf that he is, and I could finally hear his lies; see what was going on.

Just as Tactics says, “These [true men of God] are all good, legitimate sources, but all of these sources would reprove us for the wicked deeds we practice in our church. Deeds of putting away, lying, divorce, haughtiness, lust, cruelty, theft, covetousness, division, hypocrisy, strife.”

Once you see, once you know, you can’t stay. You can no longer participate or turn a blind eye. You can’t tolerate the lies; the evil; the destruction.

Not too long after, I left Calvary Temple.

Everyone…please do not trust at first glance, first listen, first sight. We do have the luxury of the Internet, now. We can carry out a simple Google search. We are able to glean helpful and insightful information.

We might still make a wrong decision or choice, and we will move forward regardless, but at least we can work to educate ourselves.

If you read anything published by Calvary Temple, please read with caution. If anyone that attends Calvary Temple tries to befriend you and tell you that Calvary Temple is a wonderful place, you can’t believe them. They still believe Bob Scott’s lies. They are still being duped themselves and are trying to drag you into the trap. Do NOT attend their so-called “FREE” events. They are only a ruse to get you in the door.

Stay AWAY from Calvary Temple, located in Sterling, VA. It may look like a nice place, but believe me when I tell you that it is anything but.

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