Don’t Fear a Thief (10/2/14)

Hello all - So much has happened since I wrote my last actual in chronological order Tactics commentary (A Gamer): Tactics took a sabbatical [Multiple Blog] + My Own Personal Message to Tactics of Calvary Temple Should've Known Former Calvary Temple Cult Deacon, Kevin O’Connor was arrested Breaking News: [Former] Calvary Temple Deacon Indicted on … Continue reading Don’t Fear a Thief (10/2/14)

Guests Speak

September 20, 2018 Please believe me, dear readers, when I tell you that I am currently working on a new blog post, a commentary from Tactics written and posted on October 2, 2014. But with such a flurry of activity going on with Calvary Temple arrests, new folks leaving...YAY!!!...and fellow bloggers posting letters or articles … Continue reading Guests Speak

Guests Speak

September 16, 2018 ***Note to my readers: Due to recent travels to Virginia and Pennsylvania, followed by the excruciatingly slow-moving Hurricane, now Tropical Depression Florence, I have been a bit MIA. Please continue to pray for the Carolinas #PrayingHasAvailedMuch #CarolinaStrong #FloGoAway Today's Guests Speak is a letter from Gretal Fitch to her brother Jonathan. So … Continue reading Guests Speak


Tactics! What are you doing to my “Agenda?” My blog is supposed to happen/post chronologically…as YOU have chronologically posted…!!! But…I will have to post my commentary for your September 1, 2018…“real time”… AGENDA? It seems as if Sterling Resident Pedophile Star Robert Scott, Lead Wolf of the Calvary Temple Cult, has joined the liberal media … Continue reading AGENDA?(9/1/2018)