Don’t Fear a Thief (10/2/14)

Hello all – So much has happened since I wrote my last actual in chronological order Tactics commentary (A Gamer):

Which brings us to this Tactics post written October 2, 2014, the day after Tactics posted “A Gamer”. There is no video, which leads me to believe that it was meant to follow along with the one included in the October 1, 2014 blog post.

Don’t Fear a Thief

Tactics writes:

“After serving pastor and his vision for five/ten/thirty years, you will be disposed of, or walk away — empty. You will be left alone without family, friends, structure, or much hope in God. You have been robbed. Everything shaken. Doubting God’s redemption and mercy and love for you.”

I’ve said this before and I will say it again…Tactics writes the truth. This is the “fruit” of Bob Scott and being part of Calvary Temple:

  • Disposed of
  • Empty
  • Alone
  • No Family
  • No Friends
  • No Structure
  • No Hope in God
  • Robbed
  • Shaken
  • Doubting God’s Redemption
  • Doubting God’s Love for YOU



The thief and “King of Rotten Fruit” is Star Robert Scott. He steals anything and everything only to consume it all on himself. He’s always wanted to be a “king”…it looks like he’s achieved his goal…disgusting.

With all of my heart, I believe that God’s Holy Spirit has been speaking to Bob Scott for over 40 years…and Bob Scott, in his narcissistic greed and evilness, has ignored the Redemption of God. He could have allowed God to reveal his shame, and then allowed God to use it for God’s good. He still can. But no. He continues on the same selfish, self-serving path that he started down over 40 years ago in California.

The result? ROTTEN FRUIT

I also need to say the following:

It is my understanding that Wolf Bob Scott is trying to deflect from Kevin O’Conner’s arrest by comparing it to the first-century church’s persecution, subsequent jailing, and eventual death in many many cases – for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Really, Bob? Really, Calvary Temple Cult Henchmen? Really, CTC Bobites?

Dear Lord…will someone please use some common sense here?

In the current Year of our Lord, 2018, there is no way, no how, that any law enforcement agency in these United States would arrest ANYONE because they are sharing the gospel!!! This isn’t North Korea, Bob!

Let me repeat, Wolf Bob Scott:

Kevin O’Connor was arrested because he is a child molester. HE BROKE THE LAW!

He was not sharing the Gospel when he molested his young niece.

Give me a freaking break.


When, Father, when?

Oh, and Bob? We stood across from your cult for over a year protesting you and your evil place, first and foremost, because of Jesus and His Word; to expose you and how you manipulate and pervert it to control your cult members, destroy lives and families, and rake in your dirty money.

Secondly, we stood to warn the communities of Loudoun County and surrounding areas about who and what you are.

Just because we are no longer standing there physically – hear what I say:

We have always been, and still are, standing on the Word of God. We are still warning anyone and everyone who will hear our words, read our blogs and Facebook pages, read the countless news articles, view all of the news reports and YouTube videos.

Ummm…we are literally living God’s Word and preaching the gospel. I don’t see any of us being arrested, you lying Wolf.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again…are literally ALL of us wrong?


Pedophilia word cloud

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