Fear of Leaving Tactic #1 (3/1/2014)

This is a terrible and terribly effective tactic for Wolf Bob Scott. He has so manipulated and twisted the Word of God, that people are actually AFRAID to live their lives outside of the confines of Cavalry Temple. I am serious. They are afraid. Before I get too carried away, let me rewind. Tactics (in … Continue reading Fear of Leaving Tactic #1 (3/1/2014)

Fear Based Marriage (3/1/2014)

Today we find ourselves in Tactics’ March 1, 2014, post addressing a very effective manipulation tactic for Wolf Bob Scott within the Calvary Temple Cult *(CTC) – Fear Based Marriage. As in other posts, you will see Tactics’ comments in maroon. Fear Based Marriage I am sitting here literally shaking my head as I think … Continue reading Fear Based Marriage (3/1/2014)

A New Page Added: Encouragements

This page is specifically added to encourage. I believe that Father would like the posts on this page to do the exact opposite of what Wolf Bob Scott and his cult does: destroy. First and foremost, I pray that this page will be used to uplift standing, weary hearts. I also pray that the blind … Continue reading A New Page Added: Encouragements

Good is Evil and Evil is Good (2/27/2014)

I hope that you have your seatbelts on when you read this Tactics post. Not quite three months old in February 2014, it only took Tactics 11 posts from the end of December '13 to the end of February '14, to get to the nitty gritty of the atrocious sins and acts of the cult … Continue reading Good is Evil and Evil is Good (2/27/2014)

Another New Guests Speak Post

This is a wonderful post from two years ago, and on a day like today when an historical full solar eclipse is embarking, I feel like it is appropriate to highlight this guest post from the Leaving Calvary Temple blog . While there is darkness in this world, Jesus IS the Light of Truth. Deceived … Continue reading Another New Guests Speak Post

Spiritual Adultery (2/27/2014)

Tactics does a very good job with this post, so, much like I did with my last commentary, I will add my comments to Tactics’ words (Tactic's words are in maroon). Hope that this works for ya’ll, too. Tactics' Spiritual Adultery Post (2/27/2014) The tactic of saying one has committed “spiritual adultery” is often used … Continue reading Spiritual Adultery (2/27/2014)

Sowing Discord in Marriages (2/27/2014)

As with most early Tactics’ blog posts, this one is fairly short, simple, and to the point. Tactics states that Bob Scott sows discord in marriages. The reason being because Bob Scott declared that the Calvary Temple mafia, a.k.a. deacons, could not go home after a deacon’s meeting with CT wolves, a.k.a. “pastors”, and share … Continue reading Sowing Discord in Marriages (2/27/2014)

Confusion Tactic #1 (2/27/2014)

The dictionary lists the word confusion as a noun that means: lack of understanding; uncertainty. a situation of panic; a breakdown of order. a disorderly jumble. OR - confusion is the state of being bewildered or unclear in one’s mind about something. Biblically, Barnes’ Commentary for James 3:15, explains what happens when and where there … Continue reading Confusion Tactic #1 (2/27/2014)