Confusion Tactic #1 (2/27/2014)

The dictionary lists the word confusion as a noun that means:

  1. lack of understanding; uncertainty.
  2. a situation of panic; a breakdown of order.
  3. a disorderly jumble.
  4. OR – confusion is the state of being bewildered or unclear in one’s mind about something.

Biblically, Barnes’ Commentary for James 3:15, explains what happens when and where there is envy and strife with resulting confusion:

For where envying and strife is, there is confusion – Margin, tumult or unquietness. Everything is unsettled and agitated. There is no mutual confidence; there is no union of plan and effort; there is no co-operation in promoting a common object; there is no stability in any plan; for a purpose, though for good, formed by one portion, is defeated by another.

And every evil work – Of the truth of this no one can have any doubt who has observed the effects in a family or neighborhood where a spirit of strife prevails. All love and harmony of course are banished; all happiness disappears; all prosperity is at an end. In place of the peaceful virtues which ought to prevail, there springs up every evil passion that tends to mar the peace of a community. Where this spirit prevails in a church, it is of course impossible to expect any progress in divine things; and in such a church any effort to do good is vain. [emphasis added]

“The Spirit, like a peaceful dove, flies from the realms of noise and strife.”

How gently Barnes explains the sheer evilness of what confusion and strife do to a church. But there is no denying the “every evil work” part, especially in the abusive cult, Calvary Temple, Sterling, VA.

As God was opening my eyes and ears, and melting my cold, hardened heart, I began to see and feel the confusion within Calvary Temple. Confusion, and consequently it’s result – every evil work – became evident to me everywhere, in everything. In services, the words that came out of Bob Scott’s mouth were confusing and contradictory. People didn’t know if they were coming or going. They didn’t know what to do or how to proceed with decision-making. According to Wolf Bob Scott and his evil henchman, up was down, and down was up. What was true one day, was no longer true the next.

Creating this confusion within Bob Scott’s cult is one of the most effective tactics in his wicked arsenal.

What friends and family outside of Calvary Temple don’t realize is that none of us started attending Calvary Temple church because we wanted to be deceived and have our lives and our families destroyed. No! We believed that Calvary Temple was indeed a safe church where we could learn about Jesus and serve Jesus as all Christians hope to.

What everyone fails to see is that when a wolf instead of a shepherd is at the helm, the wolf uses the Bible, twisting the words ever so slightly to manipulate the people. The sheep are the prey and they never see it coming.

Bob Scott creates this atmosphere of confusion as a means to control the Calvary Temple attendees, to keep them in check…and ultimately to fleece the sheep and consume it all upon himself.

It is disgusting what Bob Scott does. Innocent people have been hurt and abused. Beaten down emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, and yes, physically. They’ve been bitten, and devoured; chewed up and spit out. They’ve been stolen from, maligned, and molested in the worse possible way. Entire families have been divided and destroyed.

If what I’ve just written doesn’t convince you, how do we know Calvary Temple is an abusive cult?

Because James continues in his letter and tells us exactly what happens in a TRUE church of God:

“The wisdom that is from above is pure, peaceable, gentle, and easy to be understood; it is full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy. And the fruit of righteousness are sown in peace of them who make peace.” (James 3:17-18)

No, my friends. There is no peace within the confines of Calvary Temple. Only envy, strife, chaos, confusion…and most definitely: Every.Evil.Work.

But God!

I thank God, every single day that He opened my eyes. But the damage was done and my family was destroyed.

That is why my fellow standers and I continue to warn and to speak out. We do not want this to happen to anyone else.

Yet, unfortunately, the cult of Calvary Temple still exists.

Please continue to pray that God will open blind eyes, that He will unplug those deaf ears, and break up those stone-cold hearts. Pray that the sheep of CT will finally see the wolf that they’ve been blindly following. That they will shake themselves of the confusion and chaos that has been their lives for far too long. Pray that today is the day that the “every evil work” of Wolf Bob Scott ends.

Tactics of Calvary Temple Confusion Tactic #1 from 2/27/2014

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[The following is yet another example of what I am talking about. “Reasoning and confusion go together.”  Huh? This, folks, is a prime example of how “religious leaders” capture, manipulate, and confuse the sheep. Many people reading this won’t think anything of what Ms. Meyers is saying. What do YOU think? BTW, I can hear Bob Scott saying either the exact same thing or something very similar…often. Very often. Very very often.]

I’m not a huge fan of Joyce Meyer. The above is a perfect example of why.

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