Sowing Discord in Marriages (2/27/2014)

As with most early Tactics’ blog posts, this one is fairly short, simple, and to the point. Tactics states that Bob Scott sows discord in marriages. The reason being because Bob Scott declared that the Calvary Temple mafia, a.k.a. deacons, could not go home after a deacon’s meeting with CT wolves, a.k.a. “pastors”, and share the details (gossip) with their wives. If true (and I believe it is) this is when Bob Scott really started to restrict the flow of information. The tactic used is two-fold: secrecy and control. Which, of course, creates discord AND chaos. And as we saw in my last post, (Confusion Tactic #1 (2/27/2014)), this then becomes the breeding ground for “every evil work” (James 3:15-16).

Sowing Discord in Marriages

Let’s take a minute and break down what Tactics is saying here (Tactics words in maroon):

“This was not because their wives were gossipy women; obviously their husbands would not be deacons if they did not have their houses in order.”

I am going to step out on a limb here and say that either Tactics truly believes that the deacons’ wives are not gossipy women and that the deacons’ houses are in order, or that this could be a tongue-in-cheek statement. Here are my questions: Just how would Tactics know that the deacons’ wives are not gossipy women? How does he know that the deacons have their houses in order? As we learned years later, many of these men were found out to be child abusers and molesters, viewers of pornography, adulterers, manipulators, and liars who carry out wolf Bob Scott’s commands and wishes that were, and still are, instrumental in destroying lives and families.

“This decision was made because the deacon’s wives often disagreed with the unethical practices employed by the leadership, and as Godly women, they would voice their concerns to their husbands and the pastors.”

Now, I do agree with the first part of this statement. I know for a fact that certain deacons’ wives definitely had issues with the edicts handed down from “leadership” and they themselves became the target of heavy-handed discipline. However, I do take exception with the second part of Tactics’ statement. While these women believe themselves to be Godly, they are, after all, in an abusive cult. This makes the whole concept of anyone and anything that is a part of CT being Godly ridiculous and false. Now, don’t get me wrong. Everyone in CT believes that they are pursuing Christ-likeness and that they are God fearing Christians. But they aren’t. As I’ve said many times – very many times – Wolf Bob Scott and Calvary Temple members choose a man and themselves over Jesus every day that they remain in that cult. Most egregiously, they trample the Blood of Jesus under their feet, every single day. From the head wolf all the way down to the lowly castoff congregant, they manipulate Scripture to justify their Pharisaical, arrogant, and judgmental ways.

“Our pastors sow discord among the marriages in our church by calling women evil and insinuating that they must be kept in the dark in regards to what their husbands are involved in.”

First of all, I have many times made the statement that I believe that Bob Scott hates women. Tactics has already posted about defaming the women of CT (Defamation of Women Tactic). I believe very strongly about this, so it does not come as a surprise to me to read that Bob Scott and his wolfish “pastors” call women in the cult of Calvary Temple evil and that they are to be kept in the dark. I don’t have a problem with the statement, but my question is, how does Tactics know this? Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. To me it is obvious how the men of CT feel about women because of the level of abuse that has taken place to young girls and grown women at the hands of Bob Scott and minions over the past 40 plus years. But how does Tactics KNOW this?

I just conducted a search of CT transcripts and as painful as that was (he is disgusting), I could not find anything to suggest that Bob Scott has made a general statement from his faux pulpit regarding women and that the deacons are not supposed to discuss meeting material with their wives…unless Tactics is a deacon?

Hmmm…maybe, maybe not.

The point is, it really doesn’t matter in the long run. History shows us that Bob Scott and his mafia cause division, strife, misery, and discord in marriages. So much so that lives, marriages, and families are destroyed. Period.

Calvary Temple is an abusive cult. It is not a safe place for you and your family. Bob Scott is not a pastor, but a predator, molester, liar, and abuser. He manipulates the Word of God to cause chaos and strife resulting in evilness that destroys lives and marriages. Please, stay far away from this place. Conduct a simple Google search. Read the documentation found in this blog and other excellent blogs Exposing Calvary Temple.

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One thought on “Sowing Discord in Marriages (2/27/2014)

  1. I was privileged to have an ex-CT member who left after I did, confirm Tactics’ post regarding Bob Scott saying that women are evil. I have promised to protect the identity of my friend out of fear of reprisal. Please look at the following:

    “This last commentary… I cannot remember which “sermon” it was from, but he did say from the pulpit that women are evil and something to the effect of ‘I know that Greer would agree with me’. I looked over and she was nodding her head yes in agreement with him, I looked at Kim and she was nodding her head yes. Oh, it could have also been said during the infamous “Men’s Breakfasts” as well! But I do remember it being said from the pulpit too… The first knowledge of Tactics and this was the beginning of the reopening of my eyes to what CT really was. Now that I can look back on it all, I can see how much control they not only had on me, but how much control that individuals have on others and the control that husbands have over their wives, it’s disgusting! Feel free to use the above. Thank you for being courageous enough to start this forum!”

    Thank you, my friend. My prayers are with you as we continue to stand and Expose Calvary Temple.

    God Bless you,


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