Northam Signs Bill Requiring Clergy to Report Abuse

The Loudoun Times Mirror reported Wednesday, March 28, 2019, that Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed into law a bill, effective July 1, 2019, that requires, "priests, ministers, rabbis and other clergy members to report suspected cases of child abuse or neglect." Northam Signs Bill Requiring Clergy to Report Abuse The article states: Gov. Ralph Northam … Continue reading Northam Signs Bill Requiring Clergy to Report Abuse

False Teachers Foretold (11/6/14)

Potentially unsafe groups or leaders "come off very nice at first, they go for vulnerable people who are looking for answers, lonely, what you'd call 'normal people.' They're very good at what they do and can get people to believe anything. You might think you'd never get taken in, but don't bet on it. " … Continue reading False Teachers Foretold (11/6/14)

The Wizard Revealed (11/1/14)

Hello! Long time, no post. I have mulled over this particular Tactic’s post for far too long. Tactics writes: Many have tried to do pastor’s bidding – to be restored to their families. They come and go with more burdens placed upon them. His judgments are capricious, unknowable, unjust. He stands in the pulpit, protesting … Continue reading The Wizard Revealed (11/1/14)