Guests Speak – You Will Need to Read This One. #exposecalvarytemple

This latest Dear Calvary letter is THE letter worth reading – all of them, of course, should be read, but, this one? This one should have every person in Calvary Temple running for the exits. This heart-wrenching missive should keep every curious person in Loudoun County OUT of Calvary Temple. This real and honest letter from a mother to her children – further exposes Star Robert Scott, as a cold-hearted, ruthless, money-grabbing, child-stealing, family-destroying hypocrite.

As usual, don’t take my word for it. Read it for yourself. And definitely watch the six-minute video. You will hear the wolf growl –


THIS VIDEO IS A “MUST WATCH” – Be Prepared. This is absolutely awful and disgusting: Star Robert Scott – Excerpt from Sunday night, August 7, 2022

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Josh, and Christina,

I am writing this letter to all of you, hoping if you read it, you will call me. You have been misinformed, and I wish to clarify what Pastor Scott said regarding myself and Jonathan on Sunday, August 7 in the evening service. 

I came down twice in three weeks, to apprise you all of my health condition. I was not allowed to speak directly to any of you. So along with stopping by your homes and texting that I was down and wished to speak with you all, I stopped by Pastor Star Scott’s home, left a voicemail on his wife Greer’s phone, and rang Kimberly and Jeff Heglund’s door (Pastor Scott’s daughter and her husband, the youth pastor).

The second visit was from Josh’s birthday until the day after Christina’s birthday, six days. Calling, texting the kids, visiting their homes (no contact although I did get to see Sarah from a distance and Christina briefly). Again, visiting the leaders of Calvary Temple stated previously, this time sending a text to Kimberly.

So following all the efforts over three weeks listed above, Pastor Scott misleadingly spoke on Sunday August 7 in the evening service. Stating that I was imminently dying (really?), apostate (really?), and accusing my son of cursing, prophetically(!?), his mother unless I repent. 

  1. What you know is only the basics, not the details of my illness. That was hopefully going to be delivered to my children. You are, happily, incorrect about my imminent death.
  2. I am not apostate. I believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and how can you call a child of God apostate?
  3. My son would never have spoken such words unless prompted, although you grossly misquoted him. His grandparents listened to him the day he called, on speaker phone. We all agreed it was not him, he was being programmed to speak so coldly.
  4. As your first wife died of cancer, and battled it for many years, how can you imply that is a sign of someone in sin? Didn’t you have to be hospitalized with COVID last year, lonely and depressed, your wife asking people in the church to visit you and wave to you from the parking lot? I’ve been lonely and sad for eleven years now, without my children, asking to see them and hear their voices would alleviate my suffering. But you don’t want to them to talk to me. Do you? 
  5. You implied you knew nothing, until my son asked to see me. Why would you mislead him and the people?
  6. You refused to allow my children to see their ill mother. Period. You alone are responsible for this separation.
  7. You said I was already dead. I am alive and kicking. Please allow my children to call me. Thankyou.

So Jonathan, my illness is not because of your words, I have had it for many years now. Just not told you. Thank you, Jonathan, for asking to see your mom. That is the boy I know and love. A kind man.

Pastor Scott, you have revealed yourself as the author of this separation of my children from their parents…I did nothing. Repent of all the curses you have pronounced on mothers and fathers and kids. Proverbs 26 says “the curse causeless shall not come.” Take heed, lest your words pronounce your own judgement. You had Tom put me away for three months, to break me. Yours and his words. Why? God only knows your heart. Tom has publicly apologized for what he did.

It is bewildering to me the extent to which you lie. I loved you once. As a pastor, who truly appeared to love Jesus, and preach the Word. I believe you are a false teacher. You have faked out many folks over the years; however the more people you hurt, the more people are willing to tell their stories.

Kids, you all need to leave Calvary Temple. Of the many folks who have left, majority talk to me sooner or later, reading this blog (and the others), wanting to know what happened, to tell me what they know of you, and sometimes to apologize. Often finding solid churches in the area that help them sift through the cruelties inflicted by Calvary Temple’s leadership (pastors and deacons). If you have not been abused by them, it is probably the mercy of God protecting you via these letters. 

I love you all. Pastor Star Scott is keeping you away. Do not obey him. Listen to me. I would never tell you not to serve God. Star Scott is not God. He is a man, coveting your souls and lives for personal gain. The tenth commandment states “You shall not covet your neighbors house, your neighbors wife, nor anything that is your neighbors” (Exodus 20:17). Pastor Star Scott coveted my family for himself. And using the weakened state of their father’s mind, removed their mother from them, and isolated them from both of us and their extended family in New York. It has been eleven years.

Be proud of your father and your mother. You have dang good ones. Not many people can own up publicly to making a wrong judgment of character. We did, and do. Call and I will answer or reply ASAP.

Love, hugs, and kisses,

Your own mom

As you know, there are many things that I could say about all of this, in fact, I already have. But, Molly’s letter speaks volumes, and I only have two more things to add:

First, read the information found on my VIP LINKS and VIP DOCS pages. Do a simple Google search. Bob Scott can only spin, refute, and lie about all of this to the people within Calvary Temple. Everyone else knows about him and what he has done. He can’t control the narrative and he absolutely hates that.

Second, please be reminded that members of Calvary Temple, including their leader, Star Robert Scott, are currently under an open long-standing investigation by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) into allegations of CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE. This investigation has led to one arrest and conviction of a Calvary Temple member, Kevin O’Connor.

Stay away from Calvary Temple.

One last note to Bob Scott: REPENT, for the day of the Lord is at hand.

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