MCTTBC’s First Mash-up: Tactics (5/28/15) and Leaving (1/19/23) in One Post

As usual, I have been pondering and praying over what the Lord would have me write in my next blog post. When I woke up one of these past mornings, the Lord gave me a clear answer: Do a Mash-up! How brilliant is that idea!?! Before I delve in, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Mash-up this … Continue reading MCTTBC’s First Mash-up: Tactics (5/28/15) and Leaving (1/19/23) in One Post

Guests Speak – You Will Need to Read This One. #exposecalvarytemple

This latest Dear Calvary letter is THE letter worth reading - all of them, of course, should be read, but, this one? This one should have every person in Calvary Temple running for the exits. This heart-wrenching missive should keep every curious person in Loudoun County OUT of Calvary Temple. This real and honest letter … Continue reading Guests Speak – You Will Need to Read This One. #exposecalvarytemple

Guests Speak – You Don’t Want to Miss This!

This is simply too astounding not to share, but before we get to this edition of Guests Speak, I have to warn you - Bob Scott is losing his mind. He is so filled with the hunger to retain power, to hold onto his stolen kingdom, and so desperate to keep control of his dwindling … Continue reading Guests Speak – You Don’t Want to Miss This!

Guests Speak – Strengthen the Alarm!

Today I present to you a brilliant, but alarming post from our old friends at Leaving Calvary Temple. Leaving pens an all-encompassing summary of Wolf Bob Scott's most recent teachings - most of which I have sat through in my living room - and I have to tell you that I am equally horrified over … Continue reading Guests Speak – Strengthen the Alarm!

An Awful Summary…A Dire Warning…

Hello, all. Something is brewing in Calvary Temple. Whatever it is, it is never good.

Having posted Something Different just a few short weeks ago, because of the increased onslaught from Bob Scott, I am compelled to issue, "An Awful Summary...A Dire Warning."

As you know, we have been speaking out against Calvary Temple for almost 14 years now. We've been warning, watching, and waiting...waiting for what the Lord would have us do next...

Guests Speak – Grinch Edition

I couldn’t post this - Guests Speak - on Christmas Day…it was just too sad and awful; horrible to think of the loss and agony experienced by Molly Fitch and her family. Unfortunately, there are far too many families that I am thinking about as I write this – families who are divided, separated, shunned, … Continue reading Guests Speak – Grinch Edition

Guests Speak

It's January 2, 2021. Another Christmas. Another New Year. Another holiday season over. And Molly still does not have her family. She is not alone. So many of us - too many of us - countless numbers of families quite factually, and literally, destroyed by one small abusive and authoratative cult located in Sterling, VA. … Continue reading Guests Speak

…And By Your Words You Shall Be Condemned… (02/14/15)

Words mean a lot to me. I have a decent vocabulary, yet when I speak or write, sometimes my immediate ability to recall and use just the right word, at just the right moment, can many times fail me. I am no wordsmith; however, I do try to wisely consider my word choices. Conversely, when … Continue reading …And By Your Words You Shall Be Condemned… (02/14/15)