Guests Speak: Video Edition

End Cults Now, has produced a new video, Calvary Temple: Lost. Published with the following comment, "Newest video covering the arrest of former deacon of Calvary Temple, Sterling VA, Kevin O'Connor, Star R. Scott's words from various teachings included. Who's at fault? You decide." I am not sure that I would have used the word, 'fault'. I most … Continue reading Guests Speak: Video Edition

Guests Speak

September 16, 2018 ***Note to my readers: Due to recent travels to Virginia and Pennsylvania, followed by the excruciatingly slow-moving Hurricane, now Tropical Depression Florence, I have been a bit MIA. Please continue to pray for the Carolinas #PrayingHasAvailedMuch #CarolinaStrong #FloGoAway Today's Guests Speak is a letter from Gretal Fitch to her brother Jonathan. So … Continue reading Guests Speak

New Guests Speak

A dear friend of mine shared the video that is the subject of today's Guests Speak. I believe that his words are more than sufficient as a lead-in: "Worth watching for sure. While not a "church" and not identical to CT, [there are] many similarities and may be helpful for those who have asked the … Continue reading New Guests Speak

New Guests Speak

September 27, 2017: I realize that calling someone a ‘liar’ is a very serious accusation. After all, how many of us have not lied - even a 'little white one'. Be honest. However, the majority of us do not call ourselves ‘pastor’, ‘shepherd’, ‘minister of the Gospel, ‘apostle’, ‘prophet’…you get the idea. No, when a … Continue reading New Guests Speak

Another New Guests Speak Post

This is a wonderful post from two years ago, and on a day like today when an historical full solar eclipse is embarking, I feel like it is appropriate to highlight this guest post from the Leaving Calvary Temple blog . While there is darkness in this world, Jesus IS the Light of Truth. Deceived … Continue reading Another New Guests Speak Post