New Guests Speak

A dear friend of mine shared the video that is the subject of today’s Guests Speak. I believe that his words are more than sufficient as a lead-in:

“Worth watching for sure. While not a “church” and not identical to CT, [there are] many similarities and may be helpful for those who have asked the question, “How can intelligent people end up and/or stay in a cult?” Toward the end of this 16 minute video, a few former members of this cult describe having their eyes opened to what they are in, very similar to the experience of many exCT members. And thus continues to give hope for those still trapped by the deception and control of the CT leaders.”

Guests Speak – November 14, 2014

Finally, my thoughts while viewing:

The counselor was, IMO, 100% accurate. Please listen to what he has to say.

The members’ experience, while a completely different type of cult, could have been my own.

I appreciate the fact that the former leader not only recognized what he did, but he publicly owned up to it, AND he apologized to his former members. Can you see Bob Scott EVER doing that? NOPE. NEVER.

And finally, please remember that while places like EnlightenedNext exist all over this world, cults like Calvary Temple are even more dangerous because these Bob Scott-like wolves use the Bible to manipulate, entrap, and fleece its followers.


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