What You’ve Just Said?? (5/02/2015)

Hands down, this is one of my all-time favorite Tactics’ blog posts. Truly priceless. If you haven’t already, go and look at the video. What You Just Said Video... Are you rolling on the floor laughing? Or are you sitting there, like me, thinking to yourself, “That guy just explained in less than 60 seconds, … Continue reading What You’ve Just Said?? (5/02/2015)

A Mere Slip of the Forked Tongue? (5/01/15)

Tactics went out of the way to transcribe an over-long paragraph from a Bob Scott diatribe recorded back in 2015. With minimal comments, Tactics wonders if Bob Scott’s “slip of the forked tongue” was a lapse, an innocent mistake, or were there more sinister intentions hiding behind his words? You know me…I am of the … Continue reading A Mere Slip of the Forked Tongue? (5/01/15)