Guests Speak

April 25, 2018 Well, well, well Bob truly live in a fantasy world if you think for one minute that anything that comes out of your mouth even remotely resembles Truth. I see you are at it again...making claims of your cult's perfections and protections where none...absolutely none...exist. You just can't quit though, can … Continue reading Guests Speak

Religion or Jesus? (9/15/14)

Interestingly enough, Tactics does not include a Scripture with this September 15, 2014 post, Religion or Jesus?, and I do have to wonder why. One of Tactics’ hallmarks, long before videos and trailers were included, is the use of Scripture to help make clearer the points of the pieces. As I was thinking about how to … Continue reading Religion or Jesus? (9/15/14)

New Loudoun Times Mirror (LTM) Article, April 12, 2018

Thank you, Crystal Owens and the Loudoun Times Mirror, for helping to continually shine a spotlight on the Calvary Temple Cult located in Sterling, VA, and to keep the pressure on LCSO and the Virginia Commonwealth's Attorney's office. 4/12/2018 LTM-Three Years Later, Law Enforcement Still Silent on Calvary Investigation With all the focus on #metoo, how … Continue reading New Loudoun Times Mirror (LTM) Article, April 12, 2018

Abuse Begets Abuse (9/8/14)

While this September 8, 2014, Tactics post, Abuse Begets Abuse, is very clear to ex-CTers and most likely, Calvary Temple members (Bobites), it must be shocking for folks outside of all-things-Calvary-Temple-Cult, to read. Tactics writes: “We have two dozen or so young adults/adults who never see or talk to their parent/parents. On pastor’s orders. First the pastors … Continue reading Abuse Begets Abuse (9/8/14)

Jesus is King (9/5/14)

This Tactics post is from September 2014. I’m writing this commentary on April 1, 2018. Today is Easter Sunday. (It is also April Fool’s day, Bob…think about that). Coincidence? In God’s realm, I don’t believe in coincidence. This was one of Tactics’ shortest, yet, in my opinion, most powerful posts to date when published just … Continue reading Jesus is King (9/5/14)