Keeping Us Busy (9/7/14)

Tactics’, “Keeping Us Busy” post speaks enough to not need too much from me:

“A common tactic in churches like ours is to keep us so busy that we have no time for our natural family or friends from the neighborhood or workplace. Nearly every day of the week along with every holiday is filled with church activities leaving no time to reach out to the lost. No time to minister to the hurting family member. No time to go help the elderly neighbor with some yard work. No time to go to the work-related activity. We (proudly) let every one know we are going to be with our church family. Sorry Mom. Sorry Grandpa. Sorry neighbor. No time for you.”

As I am wont to say often, a simple Google search conducted this morning prior to writing yielded at least two links which do a nice job with an overall explanation of cults, how they work, and the tactics used…all of which Wolf Bob Scott and his cult, Calvary Temple, employ.

I will speak to those links later in this commentary, but first I would be remiss to not explore just a little further into what Tactics wrote…the more you read through it, the more heartbroken you should be.

In a nutshell, CTC keeps a member so busy that there is “no time” for anything and everything else outside of the walls of the CT compound.

  1. No time to reach out to the lost [except to recruit].
  2. No time to minister to the hurting family member [after all, most have already been cut off by now because they think that Calvary Temple may be a cult and they are worried about the son, daughter, relative involved in CT].
  3. No time to go help the elderly neighbor with some yard work [that is, unless the CT Bobite has an ulterior motive, i.e. recruitment to CT, or to brag about it at the next required CT event].
  4. No time to go to the work-related activity [never mind that the Bobite going to work and keeping their job is vital to funding Bob Scott’s lavish lifestyle and keeping his cult funded].

Tactics finished with the crux of the matter – pride – misplaced and disgusting pride.

Oh, I remember well my own response to my husband, my dad and stepmom, my mom and my siblings, my friends and co-workers: ”Oh, I can’t. My “church Calvary Temple” (always made sure to mention CT by name; after all, it’s the best “church” in the world…right?) has this and that, or that and this…I simply won’t be able to join you. Better yet, why don’t you come to Calvary Temple with me?!” (insert feelings of superiority, and pity for the non-CT member)

“Sorry Mom. Sorry Grandpa. Sorry neighbor. No time for you.”

Disgusted? Dear reader, you should be. This is all pitiful at best, putrid at worst.

SMH (I am always shaking my head…).

The Tactics of Calvary Temple blog began in December 2013 and has been going strong ever since, it’s mission is to use the blog as, “A handy user’s guide to avoid being destroyed by Calvary Temple in Sterling, VA.”

I am confident that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of places just like the Calvary Temple Cult all over Northern Virginia, in the United States, and yes, around the world.

The two links I mentioned at the start of this piece provide a nice summary of cults and how they work. If you take the time to read through them both, you will see that the information is nearly identical, and yes, in my opinion, they explain Calvary Temple to a T.

Take a look and drop me a line. Tell me what you think:

How Cults Work

Common Characteristics of how the Cults Work

In the meantime, please believe me when I tell you that Calvary Temple located in Sterling, VA is, indeed, an abusive and authoritative cult that will suck the life out of everything you have, everyone you love. It will destroy your soul and every bit of hope that you have to replace it with the worship of one man, Bob Scott, and one place, Calvary Temple.

I beg of you, please do not fall for this. And remember, the minute you think that this could never happen to you, you are already on your way to being deceived.

To Calvary Temple members, whether you believe me or not, you are in a cult. Listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit; I KNOW that He is trying to speak to you, to reach you, to get through to you. Get out of there now. Don’t look back…ever.

Your family, your friends, your neighbors…we are all waiting for you, praying and believing daily for your freedom.

Cult Busy

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