Guests Speak: Video Edition

End Cults Now, has produced a new video, Calvary Temple: Lost. Published with the following comment, “Newest video covering the arrest of former deacon of Calvary Temple, Sterling VA, Kevin O’Connor, Star R. Scott’s words from various teachings included. Who’s at fault? You decide.”

I am not sure that I would have used the word, ‘fault’. I most likely would have said what I’ve always said, and that is that Bob Scott will be condemned by his own words.

Wolf Star Robert Scott – who has also been named but never charged with a crime(s) – YET – is accused of alleged pedophilia; child sexual abuse; destroyed lives, marriages, including entire family units; stealing from CT members, and from the Federal Government, all to live a lascivious lifestyle… And on and on and on.

End Cults Now does an excellent job with this video. At the end of this month, current Calvary Temple member, Kevin O’Connor, who was also a former CT deacon, will go to trial on six counts of child sexual abuse of a minor.

Transcribed from the video, here are Bob Scott’s own words spoken publically from his faux pulpit:

“Even if it is fact, is it sin?”

“For God shall bring every work into judgement, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.”

Covering up sin through darkness is in fact, sin.

“Hiding sin is not covering sin. It’s becoming a partaker, and requires [that] you too will know the judgement and the wrath of God.”

“Don’t confuse love being covering up…love brings to the light.”

“Because if we continue in these, we qualify for the Great White Throne judgement and everybody in that judgement’s going to Hell.”

“And you not only have to go to Hell, you’re gonna have an open judgement that reveals it all before you go. Why? God shows His justice in these judgements.”

Is Bob Scott condemned by his own words? As End Cults Now says, “You be the judge.”

That’s right. Keep talking, Bob.

To all in the Sterling, VA communities and surrounding areas, stay far away from Calvary Temple located on Triple Seven Rd. It is a known abusive and authoritative cult. It has never been a safe place for anyone, especially children. Loudoun County is such a transitive area with people continually moving to and away. Please share. Please spread the word. Please help keep our children safe.

#exposecalvarytemple #BobScottWillBeCondemned #ByHisOwnWords #EndCultsNow #ForSuchATimeAsThis #Ezekiel34


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