Should’ve Known (8/12/18)

***Note to my readers: Today’s MCTTBC post is in real time. As you know, I post my commentary on Tactics of Calvary Temple posts in the order in which they were written. However, due to the recent flurry of activity centered around Tactics’ almost 3-month long sabbatical, along with today’s installment from Tactics, I feel obliged to post my commentary now rather than much later. No worries. When I chronologically get to 08/18, you’ll see this again…probably. Hopefully, Bob Scott will be in jail, CTC will be no more, and we can all stand down.

As always, thank you for reading!

Awww…Tactics! There you are!

I’m not going to say we were worried, but I, for one, am certainly glad to hear from you. I mean, really, if you had retired, you’ve certainly produced enough blog posts to keep me going for a while, helping to keep your blog alive even without new posts. And then there is always the hope that you are no longer writing because wolf Bob Scott is in jail; therefore, ending his reign of terror – err go, there is no longer a need for any of us to blog, write, stand, speak up…


Sadly, you’re still here. I say sadly because that means that the Calvary Temple Cult still exists; the wolf is still devouring the sheep; the Henchmen, the Minions, and the Bobites are still worshiping at faux shepherd Bob Scott’s feet; unsuspecting people can still enter into that place and be taken captive.

So…the standing and the warning will continue.

Which brings us to today’s post from you:

Should’ve Known

The bulk of your post is really nothing new, except that I see that you are challenging the Bobites. You are challenging them to take ALL the data, ALL the information, ALL the accusations, EVERYTHING that has been said about Bob Scott and Calvary Temple over the past 40 years, especially recent history from the last 10 years…USE THAT, Followers of Bob, and THINK FOR YOURSELVES!!!

I like it, Tactics…if only that will happen.

I’ve written time and time again that this is a spiritual war. That the hearts, minds, bodies, and souls of CT followers are held captive by the enemy of our souls. That only Jesus through His Holy Spirit can set the captives free.

But, maybe I’m splitting hairs. Maybe you and I are saying the same thing.

Yes, this is a spiritual war. Yes, only the Holy Spirit can free the Bobites. Yes, the Bobites have to ALLOW that Still Small Voice (whom I KNOW is talking to each and every person in there, including the Head Wolf) to speak to them. I believe that the Holy Spirit uses the Word of God in conjunction with the decades of information. I mean, after all, didn’t God give us COMMON SENSE!?

People of Calvary Temple…as Tactics wrote today:

Why Tactics?
Why ask Questions?
The Choice has always been Ours/Minions[emphasis added by me]
Use Logic.
Free the information.

Did you get that, Bobites? “USE LOGIC. FREE THE INFORMATION.”

…and in doing so, you will be set free from the clutches of Bob Scott and Company.

But, what about that song Tactics included? I’ve never heard of it before, but the words were clear to me…Tactics is using this to show everyone yet again, that Wolf Bob Scott is a predatory child molester. That Bob Scott, in his self-imposed position of King of CT, thinks that he can do what he wants, take what he wants, and there will be no consequences because, well…He’s Star Robert Scott!

And…there are people IN CALVARY TEMPLE who KNOW, and do NOTHING about it.

On August 2, 2018, conducted an interview with the singer/songwriter James Dolan. Read the following excerpts:

“The track “I Should’ve Known” speaks to the “abuse by men in power” according to a press release with lyrics that “emphasize the importance of defending victims when they speak out and the need to be more vigilant in noticing of the signs of abuse.” The song is believed to be about former American filmmaker Harvey Weinstein who faces more than 100 of allegations of sexual harassment and is currently out on bail in New York on rape charges.

Dolan and Weinstein were friends for many years and in 2014 Weinsten was hired to work on Radio City Music Hall “Spring Spectacular” featuring the Rockettes — an October 2017 article in the New York Daily News said the famous dancers were “relieved” to be rid of the “creepy” former Miramax executive. Dolan was part of the Weinstein Company board from mid-2015 to June 2016 and was named as a co-defendant with Weinstein in a lawsuit filed in December by six women who said they were assaulted and/or harassed by Weinstein. As a board member, Dolan allegedly knew of Weinstein’s “pattern and practice of predatory sexual conduct toward women” according to the lawsuit.

A source close to Dolan tells us the song is Dolan’s way of dealing with guilt over Weinstein with lyrics like “I should’ve thrown myself across his tracks, stopped him from these vile attacks,” the song’s hook says. “We believed and didn’t see, through the lies he told us all, that led him to his endless fall, I should’ve known.”

James Dolan knew of Harvey Weinstein’s horrible acts and behavior. He said nothing. He did nothing.

To the folks of Calvary Temple…use your God-given brain. Listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. If you KNOW what is going on in Calvary Temple, and you do nothing; say nothing?



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