[Multiple Blog] Guests Speak + My Own Personal Message to Tactics of Calvary Temple

Dear, Tactics of Calvary Temple…where are you? We are noticing your absence. I’ve received messages wondering why you’ve gone “dark”…and other blogs are getting messages and letters, too.

Just today, my co-blogger, Leaving Calvary Temple, posted a letter that was addressed to Tactics of Calvary Temple.

Why go through another blog, you ask?

It is because, since Day 1, while “Tactics” allows comments, he/she never replies. Ever.

Hence, my blog. Hence, others speaking to “Tactics” through us “other bloggers”…

Here is my message to Tactics:

Dear Tactics of Calvary Temple,

Thank you for everything you’ve done since your first blog post in December 2013. You have encouraged, puzzled, befuddled, enlightened, spoke the Truth, revealed Bob Scott’s evilness and deception, written some head-scratchers (hence the need for my blog, My Calvary Temple Tactics Blog Commentary)…and so much more…

We miss you. I miss you.

We…I…hope that you are okay.

Please know that we/I have noted your absence. I pray that you are silent because you are on the vacation of a lifetime. Or – even better yet – you made the decision to head out of the Cult of Calvary Temple. That maybe you are taking some time off to heal. To mend. To just finally fellowship with God that way that we are all meant to.

But, Tactics…know this. Whether this is the end, or whether you are just taking a much-needed break. I will be FOREVER grateful to you and for you. You have been just as much a part of us ex-CTers who have been speaking out since 2008, as anyone.

You took risks. You took chances. You STAYED IN A CULT, (as far as I or anyone knows) to write your blog from December 2013 to May 2018.

THANK YOU, Tactics

PS Maybe it was fitting for you to end with Mother, after all, we moms have been treated especially horribly by Wolf Bob Scott. Regardless, if you ever want to write me, to say “Hello!”…you know how to get in touch with me. Be blessed, Tactics.

#exposecalvarytemple #ex-CTers #ForeverThankful #ForeverGrateful #ForSuchATimeAsThis #Ezekiel34

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