New Loudoun Times Mirror (LTM) Article, April 12, 2018

Thank you, Crystal Owens and the Loudoun Times Mirror, for helping to continually shine a spotlight on the Calvary Temple Cult located in Sterling, VA, and to keep the pressure on LCSO and the Virginia Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office.

4/12/2018 LTM-Three Years Later, Law Enforcement Still Silent on Calvary Investigation

With all the focus on #metoo, how in world is this allowed to continue in the wealthiest county in the nation…it’s beyond me.

When will this be put to a stop and those who have abused and continue to abuse be held accountable?

Just for the record, Wolf Bob Scott and his cult declined to comment…it has always been my opinion that if you are not doing anything wrong, why not say something? Bob Scott can’t say anything, because deep down he KNOWS that what he’s doing is wrong, yet he continues on his same path of destruction of lives and families. Walk in the Light, Bob? I don’t think so.


#exposecalvarytemple #LCSO #DoYourJob #Enough #ForSuchATimeAsThis #Ezekiel34

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