Guests Speak

We haven’t heard from the Leaving Calvary Temple blog in a while, and I haven’t done a Guests Speak in a while. So, I guess that you can say that the timing is perfect. Or should I say, God’s timing? Either way, it is good to hear from Leaving. Covid-19 or no Covid-19, Bob Scott and Calvary Temple are an ongoing threat to anyone and everyone.

Covid-19 and Calvary Temple

And, as always, may I remind you that Calvary Temple is NOT a safe place for anyone or anything – certainly not families, and especially not for children. Calvary Temple has been under an active investigation by the Loudoun County Sherriff’s Office (LCSO) for years now that has yielded one arrest, to date. Please, if you know anything, you can call LCSO and you can do so anonymously. Pedophiles within Calvary Temple must be stopped. They must not be allowed to hurt anyone else ever again. They must be held accountable by the local authorities. Bob Scott is NOT above the law.

#exposecalvarytemple #GuestsSpeak #LeavingCalvaryTemple #LCSOInvestigation #ForSuchATimeAsThis #Ezekiel34

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