Kevin O’Conner Child Sexual Assault Trial STILL Not Scheduled (06/18/2020)

Not too surprising, upon perusal of the Virginia Courts Case Information website this morning, there is still no trial date set for Calvary Temple member and former deacon, Kevin O’Conner. The defense was granted its motion for a continuance. It looks as if August 11, 2020, is the new hearing date to even schedule a trial for this pervert.

I try not to get too upset about this. After all, delays, and motions for delays, are not uncommon in the judicial system. Why would this be any different?

But, it is still aggravating. Not to mention, agonizing for his victims.

So disgusting.

As a reminder, O’Conner has been charged with, “forcible sodomy; two counts of aggravated sexual battery by force, threat or intimidation of victims aged 13 or 14; two counts of indecent liberties with a child by custodian; and two counts of aggravated sexual battery by mental incapacity or physical helplessness.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg. To all who will hear me, Calvary Temple is not a safe place for you or your children. Do not forget that other members of Calvary Temple, including the leader, Bob Scott, are still part of an active Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office investigation into more allegations of child sexual abuse. O’Conner is just the beginning…

(See my VIP Links and Docs pages for more information.)

My hope is that all victims will one day find justice.

In the meantime, I will STILL see you in court, Kevin.

Bob Scott, your days are numbered. Mark my words.

None of you will ever get away with this. You WILL stand before God. Either way, you’re kinda screwed.

To everyone who supports our cause to Expose Calvary Temple, we thank you. I will keep you all posted. Thank you for your long-time support.

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3 thoughts on “Kevin O’Conner Child Sexual Assault Trial STILL Not Scheduled (06/18/2020)

  1. Why is this creep working at Lansdowne Woods of Virginia among vulnerable seniors and their visiting grandchildren?


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