How Much is Enough? (03/24/15)

When thinking about how I would address this Tactics blog post from March 24, 2015, How Much Is Enough?, I couldn’t help but remember Bob Scott’s emphasis on money and sacrifice, and how our giving was supposed to honor and please God. And so I gave. And I gave. And then I gave some more.

We gave the “double” and “triple” tithes when asked but it all was usually given on a regular basis. Then there were “missions” giving and Bob Scott’s yearly birthday celebration – which always required a sacrifice of some sort, whether monetary “free will” giving or the “offering” of our time.

And let’s not forget the “discipleship training” requirement. This particular form of embezzlement and coercion was and is, completely dishonest. Calvary Temple definitely has a school that all Calvary Temple children are REQUIRED to attend. There is no choice. And the parents are required to pay for their children to attend. And if you fail to pay? There are consequences from Bob Scott’s henchmen. They will, and they do approach you demanding payment, plus interest.

This school runs from Kindergarten all the way to 12th Grade – or graduation. Calvary Temple school is “Accredited” in Loudoun County. Which, makes it a bonified school.


…instead of calling this monthly payment tuition, which it is, Calvary Temple calls it “Discipleship Training.” Why? To avoid paying taxes.

So honest. So upstanding.

What a bunch of lies!

I don’t know if this was the best introduction to this Tactics’ post, but, it is what it is. Clearly, it still strikes a nerve within me.


Read on:

Pastor has been teaching us about tithing. His version states that it is unbiblical for the “priests” (him) to allow any of the tithe to be used for anything other than their own personal use (such as cars, motorcycles, artwork, jewelry, vacations, but no Starbucks of course). He says using it to maintain the church buildings, “discipleship training”, or missions angers God and shows the people (the congregation, the tithers, the givers) are not honoring God with their giving.

A little math. Suppose there are 150 tithers in this congregation. Suppose the average salary works out to $65,000 per year (some make far less and some make far more). This works out to nearly 10 million each year in income. 10% tithe alone brings in nearly 1 million each year for the “priest(s)” EACH YEAR. And Pastor says out of the goodness of his heart – his EXTREME generosity – that he is enduring the rebuke of God by giving some back into the ministry.

Other than the pastor’s own personal use, he says the tithe is also for the retirement fund of the “priesthood”. If these same numbers were consistent for the past 20 years – that’s now 20 million dollars in the pocket of the pastors, and he says it has been invested and multiplied. I don’t know about you, but I could do just fine with one or two million. Pastor, I ask you the question you have asked us: How much is enough?

Get ready – he wants more.


You do the math. It sounds like a great place, doesn’t it?

There you have it. Bob Scott wanted more back in 2015, and fast forward to 2020, he still wants, and demands, more.

Nothing, absolutely nothing has changed. He lives in luxury spending the money demanded from his congregants. That money is deducted each year in their tax returns.

Is this really a church?

No. It is not.

I will end as I always end:

Calvary Temple is NOT a safe place for anyone or anything – certainly not families, and especially not for children. Calvary Temple has been under an active investigation by the Loudoun County Sherriff’s Office (LCSO) that has yielded one arrest, to date. Please, if you know anything, you can call LCSO and you can do so anonymously. Pedophiles within Calvary Temple, must be stopped. They must not be allowed to hurt anyone else ever again. They must be held accountable by the local authority. Bob Scott is NOT above the law.

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