Rachel Speaks

I love this latest piece by Rachel. Don’t get me wrong. It is a heart-wrenchingly sad segment. But what I love is Rachel’s ability to work through her feelings, and her willingness to share this work with us. She doesn’t have to do this. But her love and concern for her relatives still trapped in the Calvary Temple cult shine through. She is transparent as she works through her thoughts and her feelings, bringing her to the conclusion that even though horrible things have happened to her mom and siblings at the hands of her aunts, uncles, and cousins, Rachel sees that these people act this way because of Bob Scott, Calvary Temple’s notorious leader.

I am of the opinion that Rachel makes the correct determination.

Bob Scott twists Scripture to entrap, manipulate, brainwash, corrupt, and destroys lives and entire family units.

Rachel’s family, while seemingly high up in the CT echelon and ranking, is not exempt, nor immune. Bob Scott doesn’t care who he hurts or destroys. He only cares about one thing:


That’s why Rachel and I, and countless others, continue to step up and speak out. We do not want what has happened to us and our families happen to you and yours.

Please. Do not go to Calvary Temple. It is a dangerous place that is not safe for anyone.

If you are in Calvary Temple and your eyes are finally opened and you now see what has happened to you and what you’ve become because of the twisted teachings and edicts of a fallible man – a.k.a. Bob Scott – get out of that place. There is life abundant outside of those treacherous walls.

I pray that today is the day to be set free.

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Lost Causes

by Rachel Young

Lost cause:
Noun – a person or thing that can no longer hope to succeed or be changed for the better.

We all have those people that we just consider to be a lost cause. Even if you feel like you’re trying to reach out to them and it feels like your blue in the face, they just don’t care. You can send them the sweetest texts, words of encouragement, and so on, but they just won’t listen.

Today I’m going to talk about a few of my lost causes because honestly, it sucks!

Sarah, Connie, and Josh are three of my top people when it comes to this topic. I honestly haven’t even tried to reach out to them because they have drunk the kool-aid so hard for so many years it’s like talking to a brick wall. Even reaching out to the people I think I can help, it still feels like I’m talking to a robot.

Sarah is my mom’s eldest sister and was my mom’s best friend until she made her exit from the cult three years ago. I’m not exactly sure what Sarah’s deal is with everything. I can imagine she probably was looking for a sense of purpose and whatnot since she was a young wife with young children.

Connie is my mom’s younger sister and in all honesty, she scares me a lot. I know Connie was hurt by an old love and probably needed to find something to get her mind off what she had lost.

Josh is one of my elder cousins and Sarah’s only son. He was what we considered perfection in our family; great grades, on fire for the word, great at sports, the list goes on and on. Josh was born there (indoctrinated) and knew nothing else and since he was always put on a pedestal, I can assume he gave in.

Writing all of this down does make me feel sympathy towards all three of them. I should practice what I preach sometimes. We don’t know exactly what brought the people we love to the point where they felt they needed to shut us off. We do know that they were told by men that honestly don’t have their best interests in mind. We know that they think they are doing what God expects of them as Christians.

And here I am; writing to try to help people that don’t care about me and I’m fighting for them so they can see I care about them.

I feel like they may be a lost cause at times, but they probably just have baggage like me that they don’t truly want to confront. Or they think that they’ve been this way for so long, it’s too hard to change. It’s never too late to change though, they have the power to change every single second of every day. It may take baby steps, but it happens.

Baby steps you guys, it’s not too late. Remember you only have one life here on earth and yes, I know you all believe in eternity, but shouldn’t you focus on your family that’s here right now

rather than just focusing everything on something that some man has told you? We’re not even guaranteed our next breath, so don’t do something you’ll regret forever.

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