Train Up A Child… (03/17/15)

First off, go ahead and watch the video that Tactics includes. It’s cute. But. It is also filled with Truth’s about Calvary Temple. You’ll hear them. IF you listen. Carefully.

Did you watch it? Good.

Now read the accompanied Tactics of Calvary Temple blog post aptly entitled, “Train up a Child…”:

…in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart. A tutorial on our “way” of training. So if we have a rather strong willed kid in our midst, they are repeatedly ridiculed, punished, threatened, and finally put out of our church. Love, as real Christians define it, never enters in (Galatians 6:1, Ephesians 6:4). The worst case scenario is being “put away”. Pastor has put away children as young as nine years old. From handing them over to unsaved relatives at a moment’s notice to dropping them off at a bus stop late at night to turning them out in the streets with no money/phone/relatives to go to. Pastor (oh so carefully) chooses the most effective discipline to “break the will” of our kids. Each judgment is tailored (ahem, Spirit-led) to cause the most psychological/emotional harm plus physical discomfort. This, he knows, will produce a traumatized and willingly submissive kid crawling back on hands and knees to be “forgiven and restored”. His methods of training are destructive and dangerous. His success rate depends on the parents resolve to go along with his charade. Some parents delight in cruelty (Ephesians 6:4), others beg for leniency. And if the parents are well-connected (i.e. deacon, friend/relative of pastor, etc.) they will get their strong-willed kid back relatively unharmed. However, the list of abandoned kids has gotten pretty long over the years. But don’t you know? Vampires are not human and wolves in sheep’s clothing are not sheep. Wolves and sheep do not think alike. One wants to eat you, the other wants to graze on grass.

With me so far?

In 2015, I wrote the following commentary. It was written in “real time” probably a day or two after Tactics posted. Until I started My Calvary Temple Tactics Blog Commentary (MCTTBC) two years later – after a Tactics’ post, I would write my commentary, and then share Tactics’ post, along with my comments, to Facebook.

I wrote what you are going to read next, with only a few minor edits and tweaks, in March 2015:

Powerful and true post…how do I know? My family and I experienced this first hand. When my youngest son decided to leave CT, I was instructed to treat him “as if he were dead”…but I just couldn’t do it. And as I began to question leadership about this, and asked about Luke 15 and the love that the father had for the prodigal son, treating my son as if he were dead did not seem Biblical to me, nor did I believe that this action exhibited the love of God to my questioning son.

At first leadership “felt sorry for me” – I was watching my family be destroyed right before my very eyes. I finally knew that it was because of CT “counsel”. The more I saw as God continued to remove the scales from my eyes, the more I questioned. Then I was no longer considered “hurt and confused,” but now a “problem”. I was watched…by Kimberly, Bob Scott’s daughter, Greer, Bob Scott’s juvenile wife, and by others in “leadership”. They watched who I talked to (others that were seeing, too). They watched to see if I attended all of the daily required gatherings, and if I didn’t show up, I got calls and text messages.

That was, until that wonderful, miraculous Friday night in December 2007, when I know that I felt the precious, loving, but firm hand of God in the middle of my back, pushing me out of CT. I left that controlling, authoritative, and abusive cult that night. I have never looked back.

I have since then been very vocal about the true identity of Bob Scott and that evil place, Calvary Temple. Bob Scott is indeed a wolf. But Jesus is the one and true Shepherd who comes in and kills the wolf to protect His sheep… Until God tells me to stop, I will continue to tell the truth about that place…my goal? To keep new people from entering into those doors, and for those within to finally “see” God’s Truth, not Bob Scott’s perverted lies… Those who know the truth about Calvary Temple and the evilness therein…please pray, speak if led to speak, shout when led to shout, and most of all, Stand for Jesus and His Truth.

Michelle Freeman

There you have it. Fast forward to May 2020 – my story and my stand have not changed.

I can hear you now, “not my family! This won’t happen, can’t happen to us!” Trust me when I tell you that I said that, too. But, it did happen. And it has happened. And it is still happening. Hundreds of families have been destroyed by Bob Scott.

Please stay away from Calvary Temple. It may take a while, once you’re captivated – but mark my words – Bob Scott’s only goal is to take everything you have, from you. Period.

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