…And By Your Words You Shall Be Condemned… (02/14/15)

Words mean a lot to me. I have a decent vocabulary, yet when I speak or write, sometimes my immediate ability to recall and use just the right word, at just the right moment, can many times fail me. I am no wordsmith; however, I do try to wisely consider my word choices. Conversely, when others talk to me, I have this habit – good or bad – to dissect language. In other words, if you use a specific word with a specific meaning, but don’t use it the way it’s intended, I may question or request clarification.

So, when Tactics posted this blog installment on Valentine’s Day in 2015, I read it with interest.

…And By Your Words You Shall Be Condemned…

Tactics says that Bob Scott, Calvary Temple of Sterling, VA Head Honcho states, “he loves me.”

And get this, not only does Bob love me, but he also knows my heart. Bob, in his love for me, calls me a hater and a murderer.

Read for yourself:

“There are people wasting their lives hating me. How sad and all of this time, and I just love them. They say all manner of evil against me and I bless them. I don’t have anything against any of these folks, I just wanna see them make it. Right now many of them are under judgment of God. My only hearts desire is that they could be right with God. You can’t be right with murder and hatred in their heart. And even if we did what they said we did, they gotta forgive.* That’s their job. I know I have” (Pastor Scott).

I could go into the Scriptures that Bob Scott twists to try to justify his statements, but I won’t bother. It isn’t necessary because this supposed man of God, time and time again, has used Scripture to justify his own atrocious behavior and lie about what he’s done.

Tactics lists just a portion of what Bob Scott has done to people. Keep in mind, this list was compiled in 2015, and by no means, is complete. Since then, the numbers and incidents have grown and multiplied:

  • Around 15 people cursed (marked) by pastor.
  • Around 17 people who asked to be restored to our church (i.e. the families they have been torn from).
  • Out of that 17 it seems that four have been allowed back to our church and their families. (Although the relationships seem strained and fake).
  • The congregation has seen 0 (zero) hate messages to pastor or anyone else in our church. (Pastor does have a nasty habit of fabricating stories in order to mislead us and keep us from the truth).

Here’s what I think.

Bob Scott always has to stand in front of what’s left of his dwindling congregation and look like the victim. He always has to try to make the Bobites believe that he “loves” everyone. However, if they look under the mask to see what he really is – a wolf – they’ll leave. They will go and take their money with them. And Bob can’t have that. How else will he fund his decadent lifestyle? After all, he is his own best PR person. He hasn’t done anything wrong. It’s everyone else.


Words, Bob. Words. They will come back to haunt you.

And while we are on the subject, remember the adage, “Actions speak louder than words?”


As I was thinking about how I would tackle the commentary for this Tactics’ post, my dear friend Molly Fitch published her own post on her blog, “Dear Calvary Temple.”

In her April 4, 2020, missive to her son, Jonathan (Letter to Jonathan), a long-time Bobite who hasn’t spoken to his mother, Molly for years because of his blind idolization of the CT cult leader, Bob Scott. In her recent post, Molly talks about Bob Scott’s actions and how they scream hatred, evil, and yes, murder.

Be sure to read Molly’s heartbreaking letter and then tell me if Bob Scott is a pastor or a wolf. A kind and truthful man of God, or a harsh taskmaster. Is he someone who strives for unity and peace, or a charlatan who craves chaos and disorder? A purveyor of true love, or a molester who only cares about his own self-gratification; perversely destroying anyone in his path?

Bob Scott, you are so self-absorbed and blinded by your own greed, that you believe your own lies. You spew twisted words from your pulpit, destroying lives in a mere moment.

Yes, Bob, there are consequences to actions. But, don’t forget, the words you’ve uttered – the same words that you have used to hurt others – will be judged, too.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. We are all going to stand before God one day and give an account. For sure I know that I have done things that I am not proud of. But. I also know that I would sure hate to be you, Bob Scott, on Judgment Day.

…Just saying.

Talking about actions, please do not forget that members of Calvary Temple are still under an active Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office investigation into allegations of child sexual abuse. So far, this investigation has yielded one arrest. The perpetrator, Kevin O’Conner, is scheduled to stand trial this coming June 2020**. Please keep yourself, your children, and your family safe. Stay far away from Calvary Temple.

*And even if we did what they said we did, they gotta forgive. Did you catch that? “Even if “we” did what they said we did.” That’s Bob’s code for admitting that he did do what we say he did. Bob, forgiveness is one thing. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you not be held accountable in the established justice system for what you’ve done. You BROKE THE LAW. Period.

**Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this trial may be postponed. I will be sure to keep you informed.

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