Guests Speak

I am always happy to read a new blog post from Leaving Calvary Temple. Each piece is well-written and thought out.

Here’s a small excerpt:

“And WHY would Star Scott even utter these words to his followers? Perhaps because he himself cannot see the violation of human dignity resulting from such a request. He can’t see it because I believe he is depraved. And he has another agenda. In those early waking hours what is he really thinking about? How to impress the public and rescue his own reputation? (not possible, Calvary Temple and Star Scott have had a “reputation” for many years and it has never been good.) As someone recently commented, “Star Scott has a PR problem”. What better way to solve some of that problem then with the merchandising of God’s work. This is nothing more than the exploitation of a woman and her family in the most difficult time of their lives. Because it’s all about Star Scott, his reputation, and his kingdom.  

This was not about faith in the healing power of God. This was about Star Scott promoting himself to his congregation and to the surrounding community. Scott seized an opportunity to capitalize on another person’s suffering in order to appear radically spiritual in front of his followers. Instead, he came across as self-serving and heartless, among other things.”

Please read on.

He Said That? Part 5

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