An Awful Summary…A Dire Warning…

Hello, all. Something is brewing in Calvary Temple. Whatever it is, it is never good.

Having posted Something Different just a few short weeks ago, because of the increased onslaught from Bob Scott, I am compelled to issue, “An Awful Summary…A Dire Warning.”

Today, I am going to share a summary of just one of Bob Scott’s recent teachings. As awful as it is, I realize the importance of writing/creating this particular piece.

Bob Scott is out of control. There. I said it. He is out of complete control. He is, quite frankly, saying and doing whatever he wants. Whether it’s arranging marriages, orchestrating divorces, proclaiming himself High Priest, sanctioning gossip, calling for the hypothetical “stoning/treating as if they were dead” of children, weaponizing Scripture, or simply setting himself up as God – Bob Scott has done and is doing all of this and more – every time he opens his mouth.

As I wrote in my last post, don’t take my word for it…and I hate even suggesting this – but go ahead, please. Tune into any one of his YouTube videos and hear for yourself. Bob Scott is out of order. He is out of control. And he is extremely dangerous.

Here is just a sample of some of the notes I took while watching a little more than a week ago. Please note that I have added a few comments. Those comments will be shown in bold.:

  1. He (Bob Scott) and his church are finishing the work of Jesus (John 19:28;30  28 After this, Jesus, knowing that all things were now accomplished, that the Scripture might be fulfilled, said, “I thirst!” 30 So when Jesus had received the sour wine, He said, “It is finished!” And bowing His head, He gave up His spirit.)
  2. That Satan has everyone and the one person that Bob Scott and his church can pluck from Satan is a victory.
  3. He says that his church is the “restrainer”
  4. That the “whore” (the end-time church) is their biggest enemy.
  5. That everyone who says the name of Jesus isn’t always who they say they are (ain’t that the truth!)
  6. Although he calls himself an Apostle, he most recently called everyone an apostle…(hmmmm…..)
  7. Bob Scott and his church aren’t restraining Satan from the world, they are [only] restraining Satan from coming into Calvary Temple; keeping Satan from polluting his (BobScott’s) church.
  8. He went on to define “woke” Christians like Drew Brees (a professional Christian athlete who Bob Scott now sits and judges. Cause, you know…he doesn’t know him, but believes that he has the authority to judge him, and anyone, quite frankly.)
  9. “Woke” is when you worship the creature more than the Creator. (Is that what it is?)
  10. The church has the authority to bind and loose – and God will back up those [Bob Scott’s] decisions.
  11. He accused Kenneth Hagan and other pastors of blasphemy and heresy (a little of the pot calling the kettle black?)
  12. In the church, the order of service is up to who is in charge. (In other words, he’s saying that you might think that you are being led by the Holy Spirit, but in Calvary Temple, you will do and act as Bob Scott says you’ll do and act. No leading of the Holy Spirit in that place! Control yourself or he’ll do it for you.)
  13. Everyone should be edified at the end of a service. (Umm…if you’ve ever sat in a CT service in the last 14 years, ain’t nobody leaving edified…not one person.)
  14. You labor to hear, “Well done.” (Works, works, and more works.)
  15. Bob Scott claims that he has not lost one person that God has given him.
  16. Bob Scott has not lost anybody who had a desire to do things (Bob’s…er…) God’s way
  17. Everyone who has left CT has been washed, fed, and led sufficiently. (He’s talking about me and all ex-CTers here.)
  18. Jesus (Bob) doesn’t owe us an explanation.
  19. Tares redefined by Bob Scott. Are tares really tares, or are they levin that Bob Scott can throw out, destroy, and discard? (This is what he is essentially saying. Jesus says to leave tares alone. But if Bob Scott can redefine a tare and call them levin, then he can destroy you. WOW!)
  20. You can’t go to any church you want – you have to go where you’re led (He uses the word, ‘led’ here, but what he is really saying is where you are ‘told’ to go by Bob Scott, which will always only be Calvary Temple. There is no other church doing it right.)
  21. All of Jesus’ teachings were about building the local church. (huh?)
  22. In days of famine, people ate their own children (Now, why did he throw that in there?)
  23. People have no say in the church; no votes.
  24. Everyone is under Bob Scott’s authority. (His words, not mine)
  25. Obey those that have the rule over you. (Meaning Bob Scott. Again, his words, not mine.)
  26. If you don’t want that, you are carnal and you need to grow up.
  27. Only one founder; one lord. (Again, meaning Bob Scott.)
  28. He made up a word to define people who read the Bible…you know, actual Pastors and Ministers of the Gospel. He calls them Biblioloters – people who worship the Bible. (Are you kidding me??? In my opinion, he had Gary Hamrick, pastor of Cornerstone Chapel, Leesburg, VA, in mind.)
  29. The Bible is 1/4 doctrine, and 3/4 rebuke/correction (If this is true, that’s pretty handy for you, isn’t it, Bob?)

Recorded live Wednesday, February 13, 2022. The “message” begins at timestamp 41:33

All of that was from one teaching – ONE. You can get a fairly accurate image of what they are all like. And Calvary Temple has three services per week, daily required prayer, Friday nights, home fellowship groups, men’s breakfast – AND – they have a school. He has children in his clutches from the nursery to high school graduation, to young adulthood.

Bob Scott, an accused pedophile. A destroyer of families. A person who twists and manipulates God’s Word so that he can wield it over his head like a sword, then run you straight through with it. This is the predator wolf in charge of children.

Okay. Enough of that.

In this post, I also want to highlight other bloggers whose writings fit right in here. Please check each of them out – you will find each one informative and insightful; each one is a warning to the people inside of Calvary Temple, and anyone outside who may be thinking that Calvary Temple is an option. It isn’t. Period.

The most recent from Dear Calvary Temple (DCT):

2/21/22 – A Guests Speak post from a DCT follower

From Thoughts on Calvary Temple (TCT), Amani Baris published three articles in less than four days:

2/18/22 – Star Scott and Sexual Abuse

2/20/22 – Tradition!

2/21/22 – Calvary Temple Stoning

Whew…okay, I will end with this – please, please, please – Stay away from Calvary Temple. It is a known authoritative and abusive cult run by Star (Bob) Scott, located on Triple Seven Rd in Sterling, VA. Members of Calvary Temple are under an active investigation by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office into allegations of CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE.

There are many good churches in Loudoun County and the surrounding areas. Go there. But, whatever you do, do not go to Calvary Temple. Do a Google search. Look at my VIP LINKS and VIP DOCS pages.

In the meantime – I will continue to watch and warn.

Bob Scott – God hears every single word that you say. Every. Single. Word.

#exposecalvarytemple #ForSuchATimeAsThis #WordsMatter #BobScottWillBeJudgedByHisOwnWords #StayAwayFromCalvaryTemple #LockBobScottUp #LCSODoYourJob #Ezekiel34

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