Guests Speak – Strengthen the Alarm!

Today I present to you a brilliant, but alarming post from our old friends at Leaving Calvary Temple. Leaving pens an all-encompassing summary of Wolf Bob Scott's most recent teachings - most of which I have sat through in my living room - and I have to tell you that I am equally horrified over … Continue reading Guests Speak – Strengthen the Alarm!

An Awful Summary…A Dire Warning…

Hello, all. Something is brewing in Calvary Temple. Whatever it is, it is never good.

Having posted Something Different just a few short weeks ago, because of the increased onslaught from Bob Scott, I am compelled to issue, "An Awful Summary...A Dire Warning."

As you know, we have been speaking out against Calvary Temple for almost 14 years now. We've been warning, watching, and waiting...waiting for what the Lord would have us do next...

Something a Little Different…You Decide.

Good morning, all. Over the past few days, I made a concerted effort to listen to the most recent Bob Scott/Calvary Temple Cult "teachings" see, I had heard that BS was actively speaking towards marriage and divorce. Having my own family destroyed by Bob Scott and his venomous words and spiteful actions, my alarm bells … Continue reading Something a Little Different…You Decide.