(English Version) 2022 Edition: Warning Post to the Sterling Communities and Surrounding Areas #exposecalvarytemple

Calvary Temple, located in Sterling, VA, is conducting three “free” sports and cheer camps this year beginning Monday, July 18. This has become a yearly recruiting “outreach” to the Sterling community. Calvary Temple’s ruse is to offer these free camps so that they can fool parents and lure in unsuspecting children. They tout themselves as “Christian” yet their leader, Star Robert Scott, along with other members are currently under an open long-standing investigation by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) into allegations of CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE. This investigation has led to one arrest and conviction of a Calvary Temple member, Kevin O’Connor.

As outlined on my VIP LINKS and VIP DOCS pages, Calvary Temple is notorious in the Northern Virginia area for severe treatment of children AND adults, directly leading to entire family units breaking apart, children cast out into the street, or cut off from parents and families – leaving behind shattered lives.

(See The Exiles: Former members say Calvary Temple in Virginia pressures people to banish loved ones. What happens to those who leave?)

For over ten years, we have worked diligently to warn the Washington DC Metro area, particularly the Sterling/Ashburn communities. Our goal? To inform and make everyone aware of Calvary Temple. A simple Google search yields pertinent information – articles, news reports, blogs, personal testimonies – An overwhelming amount of negative press attesting to Calvary Temple’s abominable behavior, and what its leadership has done; Searches that document the abuse suffered by its members. This abuse includes but is not limited to: spiritual, physical, psychological, and unfortunately, child sexual abuse.

Please listen to our warnings and pleas. Please, do not send your vulnerable children to these camps. While “free”, the cost to you and your children is astronomical. Please keep your family safe.



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