Guests Speak

It’s January 2, 2021. Another Christmas. Another New Year. Another holiday season over. And Molly still does not have her family.

She is not alone. So many of us – too many of us – countless numbers of families quite factually, and literally, destroyed by one small abusive and authoratative cult located in Sterling, VA.

I will never stop focusing on my work to expose the many counts of child sexual abuse that has occurred within Calvary Temple’s walls, and bring the monsters who commit them, to justice. But, I also will never stop shining a spotlight on the destruction brought to entire family units spearheaded by cult leader Star R. Scott. He and his henchmen have continually and systematically divided, and have forever torn apart hundreds of relationships which include, but are not limited to mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles, neighbors and friends.

So on this second day of the new year, I want to present both parts of Molly Fitch’s heartbreaking posts that she shared right before Christmas. This is where she is – where too many of us are – not just at Christmas, but every single day of the year. Her poignant and painful recounting of a Christmastime nine years ago should make your eyes tear and your blood boil.



How can one evil man wield such power?

The unfortunate answer is because we let him.

This fight is far from over. Bob Scott must be stopped. He must be held accountable. Not only is he a pedophile, but he is a money-hungry, selfish brute who masquerades as a ‘man of God’. He is a nobody who thinks that he is somebody. Cut him off where it hurts. Stop the money flow. Warn people. Let them know about Calvary Temple’s contentious history. Tell them that there are so many good churches in the area. One never needs to step foot on that God-forsaken property sitting pretty on Triple Seven Rd.

Maybe 2021 will bring the end of Calvary Temple. Maybe we’ll see Bob Scott in prison. Where he belongs.

But God!

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