The Wizard Revealed (11/1/14)


Long time, no post.

I have mulled over this particular Tactic’s post for far too long.

Tactics writes:

Many have tried to do pastor’s bidding – to be restored to their families. They come and go with more burdens placed upon them. His judgments are capricious, unknowable, unjust. He stands in the pulpit, protesting his own goodness and mercy. But in private, he derides, divides, defames and destroys those who come seeking his pardon. He mocks the pawns (people) who slavishly offer up their adoration and loyalty. He has made himself accountable to no man and above the Word of God.

The Wizard Revealed

In all honesty, why am I trying to make this harder than what it should be?

I could tell you horrendous story after story, but I will simply cut to the chase. Tactics writes the truth. It will never matter what anyone does to be restored to their families. You can stand on your head, write Bob a check for a million dollars or more (although he would really love that. He is all about taking your money), pledge forever allegiance to him and his cult, vow to not speak ill of his venomous tactics…



Because Bob Scott is a liar. A fake. A false shepherd. A wolf. An evil man standing behind the curtain of Truth, twisting its life-giving Words, to portray himself as something he is not, nor was, or will he ever be.

Yes, as Tactics states, “He has made himself accountable to no man and above the Word of God.”

Except, it may seem like Bob Scott is getting away with this, but he isn’t. It took a little band of persistent ‘Toto-like’ warriors nipping at the curtain of deceit. God enabled us, “for such a time as this” to keep ‘yapping’ and persisting, getting everyone’s attention to the truth of Bob Scott and Calvary Temple, Sterling, VA.

To the members of Calvary Temple, the Truth is out there. All you have to do is trust the Holy Spirit to open your blind eyes, unplug your deaf ears, and melt your stone-cold heart. Followers of Bob Scott? You are not following anything but a mirage, a myth, a devil in disguise, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Come out of that trap now, before it’s too late.

To all of Loudoun County and surrounding areas, be warned. Calvary Temple, located on Triple Seven Rd in Sterling, VA, is not a safe place for you or your family. Do a simple Google search. Look at the VIP Links and Documents pages on my blog.

Rip that curtain aside! Do not be fooled by the pomp and circumstance. Keep away from Calvary Temple.



#exposecalvarytemple #BobScottIsAWolf #ThereIsNothingGoodAboutCalvaryTemple #YouWillLoseYourFamily #BobScottDemandsEverything #BobScottIsALiar #ForSuchATimeAsThis #Ezekiel34

2 thoughts on “The Wizard Revealed (11/1/14)

  1. Sadly, every word you and Tactics have written is true. Why do people continue to submit themselves to a known liar and abuser? Yes, Calvary Temple, he is a liar and abuser. Get out while you can.


  2. Yes, Ellen Grace, you are right. The sad and perverted truth is, that while there may be a few duped souls left in that place who have not yet faced the reality and horrors of family estrangments, forced divorces, tossing children aside or out onto the streets, the majority have and they KNOW who and what Bob Scott is. They know that Calvary Temple is not a church, but a controlling, authoritative, child molesting cult. Now THAT is disgusting.


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