I Am Holier Than Thou (6/27/2014)

A brief post from Tactics on June 27, 2014. Brief, but important:

“When we see someone on the street or at work who has left Calvary here is how we often handle it: a. Stony silence (even if they say “hi” or hug us) b. “You need to repent and come back to Calvary”.

But God says, “I have spread out my hands all the day unto a rebellious people, which walketh in a way that was not good, after their own thoughts…which say, Stand by thyself, come not near to me; for I am holier than thou. These are a smoke in my nose, a fire that burneth all the day” (Isaiah 65:2,5).”

I Am Holier Than Thou

Anyone who has left the Calvary Temple Cult in the last three decades at least, has experienced this “love” from CTC Bobites. Let’s not forget the other responses from these truly Pharisaical “brothers and sisters:”

  • Running away in the other direction (literally)
  • Glares
  • Stares
  • Saccharine statements filled with condescension
  • Accusations (if they have the guts to say anything at all)
  • “Apologize and/or Repent to “pastor” Scott”
  • “We love you”
  •        No questions as to how you are
  •        No questions as to why you left (there is no need. They already think that they           know via pulpit gossip)

Need I go on?

In a Bobite’s defense, I will say this – members of Calvary Temple live in fear, confusion, chaos, and a complete misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the Word of God – all courtesy of Wolf Bob Scott. Yes, those of us who miraculously escaped from this perverted place understand this all too well.

We aren’t shocked by CT behavior when met out in the “highways and byways.” Why? Because the majority of us, while still trapped in CTC, treated other ex-CTers in similar fashion…something that none of us is proud of.

I personally had to go to my brave friends who had left before me, and apologize for my disgusting conduct.

But God.

I believe that Jesus abhors this behavior, absolutely hates and condemns it. But until Bobite eyes and ears are opened, do not expect any other sort of response from them upon encounter.

Except, of course, if Wolf Bob Scott “allows” any communication or contact. Then, the Bobites obey. (Another form of BS Manipulation)

But that, my dear readers, is a story/blog post for another day.

Oh, and don’t let that word “repent” fool you. In Bob Scott’s world, repent means that the ex-CTer has to “repent” to Bob Scott.

Wrong, Bob. That isn’t how it works.

In the meantime, beware of Calvary Temple and Wolf Bob Scott. The CT Cult is not a safe, nor is it a loving place. Oh, the Bobites believe that they are serving God; however, the reality is, they are only serving their master, Wolf Bob Scott. Because this so called “church” is filled with chaos and confusion, on the surface it seems really great and Christ-filled. But, underneath lies deceit, lies, perversions, and manipulation of God’s Word and the folks that are only trying to serve Jesus…well, most of them.

Bob Scott – you are the source of this evil. By setting yourself up as High Priest, you’ve brought despair and heartache on countless sheep. You, sir, will stand and be judged for all of this evil.

#exposecalvarytemple #TheyWillRunAwayFromYou #TheyWillOnlySpeakBobScottsWords #ConfusionAndChaos #AndEveryEvilWork #ButGod #Ezekiel34

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