New Guests Speak

It’s true. I am blessed with good and dear friends, that’s for sure! (Despite the Calvary Temple Cult’s best efforts, I might add!).

This same dear friend who was the sharer of the November 14 Guests Speak, also posted this in a small FB group that I am part of, and I couldn’t help but add it today. Wise words of caution and advice, for sure.

His words are perfect for today’s introduction:

“I had to quickly look to the end of this article to see the name of the author. After reading the 6 reasons I truly wondered if it might have been written by a former CT member. Every single one of these points are applicable to CT. Members are specifically told that numbers 1 & 6 are absolute no-no’s – actually they forbid it. Numbers 2 – 5 are practiced, dare I say “religiously” 😯?”

*My note: As always, there are far too many good churches out there for anyone to remain in an abusive one like Calvary Temple. Please, if your “church” is controlling and manipulative…get out. Now.

6 Reasons Why It’s Okay For You To Leave Your Church by Mallory Redmond

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