Fear Based Marriage (3/1/2014)

Today we find ourselves in Tactics’ March 1, 2014, post addressing a very effective manipulation tactic for Wolf Bob Scott within the Calvary Temple Cult *(CTC) – Fear Based Marriage. As in other posts, you will see Tactics’ comments in maroon.

Fear Based Marriage

I am sitting here literally shaking my head as I think about this subject and its far-reaching effect and consequences. There are many ways that I could address this topic, but I’d like to hone in on the crux of the matter.

The bottom line is this: Over 40+ years of brainwashing, Bob Scott has become the master of manipulation. This manipulation is sinister and treacherous, creeping inside every single aspect of CTC life, up to and including, marriage.

This particular technique was perfected before I started attending, but didn’t permeate to the deceptive depths that it has continued to be up unto this very day, until a few years after my arrival. But the groundwork was already laid by that wolf, so the rest, unfortunately, was, and continues to be, easy. Easy because the good little, trying-very-hard-to-obey-Bob Bobites, now fully brainwashed, live their lives as dictated by the Head Wolf. Just as Tactics says, “…fear based [marriage] because parents are convinced that allowing children to marry someone outside of Calvary Temple is dangerous. According to our leadership, children should only marry those that have been in the congregation for an extended period of time so that leadership can know them, judge them and approve them. If they approve, then the children can marry.” (Emphasis added by me)

See what I mean? Bob can sit back to enjoy his millions, and watch this chaos and carnage that HE has masterminded, play out while he snacks on carry out. Simply put, the Calvarytemplelanders do the rest for him. SMH.

Tactics continues:

However, we can all think of exceptions to this rule, the times when someone has been at Calvary Temple just a short time and marries a member in record time. These marriages within families have the effect of keeping families locked together, making it so much harder for people to leave and attend another church.

There are at least two major Bob Scott tactics at work here. Remember, in Bob Scott’s demented world, confusion and chaos reign. What may be true for one couple, won’t be true for the next. It depends on the day, the hour, who you are, where you rank; maybe you can, maybe you can’t. No one ever really knows! Remember, where chaos and confusion exist, every evil work will rule. (Confusion Tactic #1).

The second tactic has yet to be addressed by Tactics, but I will briefly talk about it here. The ONLY reason why Bob Scott would allow a marriage between a long-standing member, or a child of a long-standing member to an ‘unknown, unjudged, unapproved’ newbie, is entirely designed to manipulate and control someone, something, a situation, or most likely – a Bobite who wants to leave the cult. Bob works quickly to get either the troubled person, or someone in that person’s family married, and that individual (along with all the family members) once again, finds themselves trapped.

More specifically, I want to draw special attention to the phrase “Keeping locked together…”; This tactic is brilliant. By the time I left the cult ten years ago this coming December, family after family were becoming irretrievably united through the marriage of their children, or a loved one (or several loved ones). And, once the children start having grandchildren, you can forget about anyone leaving, even if they want to. What a horrible position the minions of this cult have been placed in. Can you imagine?

And it’s all done by design…to keep you trapped at Calvary Temple…so that Bob can continue to steal your life, your family, your children, and your money. And he boasts in it. Putrid; this stinks to high Heaven…literally.

If a young adult (or adult for that matter) meets another Christian at their work place or neighborhood and wishes to pursue a relationship, it is completely discouraged. This keeps everyone from hearing from God personally and from ever leaving Calvary Temple…God does not say we must only marry within our local fellowship, He says we are to marry a believer.

My final point lies in Tactics’ last paragraph. Did you catch it? “This keeps everyone from hearing from God personally and from ever leaving Calvary Temple.” And there you have it. Total deception goal – SCORE! Bob, the narcissistic charlatan, can now check it off. BS (Bob Scott) now has you lock, stock, and barrel.

In summary, this disgusting example of a man has the Calvary Temple attendees so brainwashed and manipulated that they do his dirty, evil work for him. Not knowing if the world of the Calvary Temple Cult is up, down, sideways, or perpendicular, ensures that the atmosphere of chaos and confusion never wanes, and every evil work is just another day at the office to Bob. Then he has the CT families intermarry, further assuring that making the eternal decision to choose Jesus over a man, namely Bob Scott, will not happen anytime soon, if ever. Finally, this false shepherd keeps his blind sheep firmly in the Calvary Temple Corral, never to venture out or listen to any of the other Christians that exist all around them.

But God! Only God can bring this place down. Only Jesus can set these captives free. Only the Holy Spirit can work day and night to speak to these sheep. And only the sheep can choose to listen, to finally wake up and see what has happened to them, and get the heck out of there.

I know that this is a tad long, but it is really important to try to explain exactly what is happening in the Cult of Calvary Temple. It is imperative to warn the Sterling, VA community, and surrounding areas. It’s vital to warn anyone who will listen, because the CT cult isn’t the only one around. Cults like Calvary Temple, unfortunately, exist all around the world.

Please, please heed these words. Please do your research; do a simple Google search. Please keep you and your family safe. Bob Scott thinks nothing of destroying lives and families so that he can continue his lascivious lifestyle. As a narcissist, he cares only about himself. Calvary Temple is not safe. Calvary Temple is an extremely dangerous cult. Please stay very far away.

*ex-CTers will appreciate what I just did there. At Calvary Temple basketball games, we good little CT Bobites would cheer from the bleachers shouting, “CTC! CTC! CTC!”, which stood for Calvary Temple “Church”. Little did we know that we were actually trying to shout to ourselves and the world that Calvary Temple is a CULT. I would laugh at the irony if it weren’t so sad.

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