Fear of Leaving Tactic #1 (3/1/2014)

This is a terrible and terribly effective tactic for Wolf Bob Scott. He has so manipulated and twisted the Word of God, that people are actually AFRAID to live their lives outside of the confines of Cavalry Temple. I am serious. They are afraid.

Before I get too carried away, let me rewind.

Tactics (in maroon) writes:

If you leave here, you will fall away.”

Let’s stop right there. “If you leave HERE (the cult of Calvary Temple), you will fall away.” Wait. What? Bob Scott, where does it SAY THAT IN THE BIBLE????

That’s right. It doesn’t. Let’s continue:

“Everyone that turns down a promotion to move to another city, or turns down an opportunity to go on the mission field outside of Calvary Temple, or does not pursue a possible mate’s life outside of Calvary Temple, or any other opportunity, does so out of fear of losing their salvation. In addition, we have been told over and over again that other churches are not quite as good as Calvary and therefore, remaining at Calvary Temple will give you the best chance to get to heaven.”

Unfortunately, while in CTC (Calvary Temple Cult), I watched Wolf Bob Scott brag from his faux pulpit about the members who willingly turned down promotions, scholarships, and even a calling on one’s life to serve Jesus as a missionary or pastor in another city, state, or country…brag about it. BS would further weave his blasphemous and manipulative propaganda by abusing Scripture stating that God has brought you here; why would He tell you to leave? Or, he would insinuate that the CT minions weren’t hearing from God, but it was their “flesh” talking to them. Trust me when I tell you, this false shepherd thinks nothing of using the Word of God to keep his little cultdom intact.

As a former Bobite, I can definitely attest to being so brainwashed that I believed that Calvary Temple was the best ‘church’ in the Sterling, VA area, and that it was best for my salvation, and the salvation of my children, and then husband, to remain. And for a long time, too long, I blindly, and yes, quite contentedly, stayed.

“If you now believe that God might want to use you in another place, you are afraid to leave knowing that you can never find another church like Calvary Temple. But scripture says “I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my handJohn 10:28. Just because you leave Calvary Temple does not mean that you will be immediately plucked from God’s hand and fall into the abyss of sin that is often associated with “the outside”.”

Wolf Bob Scott shamelessly touts that there is no other church in the area where you’ll find anything as similar to a First Century Biblical Church, or such a God-loving community like is found in CTC.

When you add the Fear of Leaving Tactic to the other abuses heaped onto the people of Calvary Temple, it’s no wonder that Bob Scott has achieved a very successful cult…(well, at least successful for Bob and his $$millions). When you are told over and over again that if you leave Calvary Temple you will fall away from God, you don’t go anywhere! Calvarytemplelanders are genuinely fearful that should they leave CTC, they are in sin and they will go to Hell.

Never mind that they know the Bible better than the average Christian. Never mind that Scripture says that Jesus will never leave you, nor forsake you. Never mind that there are many Scriptures to refute these lies from the Enemy and Bob Scott. It doesn’t matter. The deception is real, and the CTers are afraid.

As I’ve said numerous times, I can write about these things because I was once blind, too. I only heard God’s Word through the blasphemous filter of Bob Scott’s manipulations. While my heart loved Jesus, I listened to (chose) a man over Him.

But God!

As Tactics quoted from John 10:28, Jesus loves the people of CTC. His Holy Spirit, I know, is working and whispering to each one of them – working to open blind eyes, deaf ears, and to break up those stone-cold hearts. That is exactly what He did for my fellow ex-CTers, and me. BUT! The CTC congregants must allow that Voice to speak. They must stop pushing these warning signals aside. Those chains of bondage to Wolf Bob Scott will never be broken unless they let Jesus free them…again.

Folks, this is no joke. This is serious business. What happens in the Cult of Calvary Temple is egregious. Bob Scott’s legacy will be the exact opposite of what he wants. He will be forever known as a dangerous predator, cult leader, child molester, liar, thief, and an all-around disgusting human being. Please, keep your family safe. Never set foot into that cult, Calvary Temple, located on Triple Seven Rd in Sterling, VA.

The Fear of Leaving Tactic #1

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