Guests Speak

Before I introduce today’s Guests Speak, I must thank anyone and everyone who took the time to read and share my warning post about yesterday’s “free” car show at Calvary Temple (CT). The response in the community was amazing. Yet, I still read comments where residents living in and around CT – even after more than 10 years of protesting and warning, dozens of articles, news reports, YouTube videos, personal accounts and testimonies – didn’t know that the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO), was investigating CT, and certain members, for child sexual abuse, resulting in one arrest so far; readers who had lived their entire lives in Sterling and had no idea about the dangers lurking in Calvary Temple.

That is why we do what we do. Until Bob Scott and his fellow abusers (men and women) are brought to justice, there is much work to be done. We must continue to let people know that if you choose to go to Calvary Temple, there is a very real possibility that you, your family, and your children will be harmed.

Bob Scott’s track record speaks for itself (VIP LINKS and VIP DOCS).

The segue into Leaving Calvary Temple’s newest blog post couldn’t be more perfect. While the focus, rightfully so, is always about shining a spotlight on certain Calvary Temple members and the allegations of child sexual abuse, there are other egregious offenses going on in that wicked place. Even now as I write this, CT members are gathering for their Sunday AM brainwashing session. Today’s Guests Speak gives you insight into what the Bobites might be hearing this morning; the diatribe CT’s leader, Bob Scott (BS), is undoubtedly spewing from his faux pulpit.

Leaving Calvary Temple’s author always does an excellent job in breaking down Bob Scott’s careless, pompous, sanctimonious, hypocritical, non-Biblical, and destructive words. He Said That? Pt. 7 (Forcing “Unity” with Fear and Intimidation)

Seriously, this guy has some hubris, don’t you think?

Please take the time to read, He Said That? and then ask yourself if Calvary Temple is normal? Is Calvary Temple a kind, loving, nurturing, and caring “church” where you, your family, and your kids are safe? Is this really “love” as Bob Scott would try to brainwash and manipulate you into believing, or is this really “hate” disguised as so-called “Biblical principles?” Is Bob Scott really a shepherd, a pastor, a prophet? Or is he a wolf in sheep’s clothing; a narcissistic pedophile looking for his own kingdom, his own self-gratification?

I believe that you already know the answer to these questions.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: Bob Scott talks out of both sides of his mouth. You can’t have it both ways, Bob, you just can’t. Mark my words, your own words are going to come back and bite you in your behind – either in the civil court system, or at God’s throne.


The End.

Please, stay far away from Calvary Temple. Call LCSO at (703) 777-0475, and ask them for an update. Ask them where they are in their investigation into alleged child sexual abuse committed by members of Calvary Temple. Let the detectives know that you are concerned. That you want to see justice brought to these monsters; these blights on society who call themselves good, yet commit such horrendous crimes on innocent and defenseless children. These men and women who then have the audacity to say that their crimes have been forgiven, and therefore, that gives them a pass from the civil justice system.

Seriously? Where does it say that, Bob? Where does it say in the Bible that if you do the crime, and ask for forgiveness, that the civil consequences evaporate? That you do not have to pay the price?

Exactly. No where in the Bible does it say that, Bob. No where.

Don’t these kids deserve justice????

Makes me sick.

Enough is enough.


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