The “Love” of Cain – (gulp) (11/21/14)

**Special Note: I am writing today’s MCTTBC installment while waiting for Hurricane Dorian. I am as ready as I can be. Work closed yesterday at 5 PM and will remain closed until Dorian’s threat has moved on. My heart and my prayers go out to all who have already felt Dorian’s fury, and to those who are still in Dorian’s destructive path. I especially am praying for those families who have lost life, limb, and property, particularly in the Bahamas where the devastation is unparalleled. Please, be safe, everyone.

As an introduction to this November 21, 2014, Tactics of Calvary Temple post, The “Love” of Cain – (gulp), Tactics compares the way Calvary Temple members (Bobites), “love” one another, to the way Cain “loved” his brother, Abel.


Just in case you’ve never heard this Bible story, or you have but need reminding, Cain and Abel were brothers. In fact, they were the first two offspring of the very first God-created humans, Adam and Eve. As adults, Cain was a farmer, and Abel was a shepherd; both, when the time came, made a sacrifice to God. Cain’s sacrifice to God wasn’t accepted, while Abel’s was. Cain seemed crestfallen at God’s rejection, but God knew what was really in Cain’s heart. Soon after, Cain took his brother Abel out into the field and slew him. Cain committed the first murder in the history of man. He knowingly took Abel’s life. Then he lied to God, pretending to not know where his brother was. There were and are eternal consequences to Cain’s actions.

Tactics starts out with this:

“We all have propagated the lie – “No church has ever loved me as much as Calvary Temple.” (Love bombing is a bit more accurate.) It’s not genuine love of Christ. We are just doing what is required by Pastor in order to keep us from fleeing in droves. Not everyone here is a willing participant. Some are coerced into destroying – and some (about 40%) are destroyed. But always under the banner of “this is the love of God to you.” Right…more like the love of Cain for Abel.”


Unfortunately, as an additional aid in helping to decipher this Tactics’ post, the YouTube video is no longer available, and I do not know what it was. However, Tactics meaning is pretty clear without it.

Having attended Calvary Temple for almost 15 years, I experienced first-hand the supposed “love” that Tactics refers to. When just starting out, I did feel as if CT members felt a kindness for me, a Biblical love. Yet, as time went on, things were often said that made me feel a twinge, you know what I mean? Something was a tad off, wasn’t right; didn’t feel right…but I always pushed those feelings down thinking that it was just me.

During Bob Scott’s hour+ “teaching” services on Sun AM, Sun PM, and Wed PM, he had quite a lot to say, and not all of the words spoken were edifying. For example, he would belittle heavier-set women, mocking their backsides and their clothing choices. He would make jokes at the expense of some CT members, people that he deemed not having common sense, or who maybe didn’t possess a dizzying intellect – like he did.

And people would laugh along with Bob. Why did people think that this was funny? I sure didn’t. Was this love? Or was it something else in disguise?

Anyone who asked too many questions, or asked the wrong questions – or who was just plain questioning stuff that was going on, or being done, or what was said without swallowing it all whole – hook, line, and sinker like Bob would expect us to do – could result in a “panel discussion” with King Bob sitting up front with his legs crossed, giving seemingly plausible answers that when dissected, actually made others question him and his edicts even more. But the pattern and results were always the same: Do as Bob Scott says, or there will be consequences.

So, we were all manipulated into Calvary Temple’s version of “love” for one another – a false, murdering, destroying love. Telling on one another was a common occurrence. Speaking harshly to someone, “out of love,” was an accepted practice.

Then, there was the money. Bob had no problem causing other women to feel less than nothing because they had to work outside of the household to help provide for the family – me being one of those women. Never mind that one of the reasons that I had to keep working was to pay the required tithe, double-tithe, and sometimes triple-tithe to Bob Scott. Don’t forget the boys’ private school tuition paid monthly and disguised for IRS tax purposes as “Discipleship Training.” There were Missions giving and more than sporadic monetary requests for Africa.

And how can we forget giving thousands of dollars to Calvary Temple’s Joash Chest – more required giving to Bob Scott – for a building and massive complex that never materialized; was never built. Where do you suppose all of that money went to? And, it was never given back. Ever.

Yet, I was made to feel bad for working. Had I not been able to pay all of this money to Bob, I would have been called into meeting after meeting to be questioned about this. And, the one or two times when I did get behind in any of the tithing/offering/tuition/and more, I had to pay a penalty on the money owed. Yep. You read that right.

This is just the tip of the iceberg – for me and for hundreds of others.

*Love? Would you call this love?

No. This isn’t love.

Tactic’s includes the following Scriptures describing exactly what you find at Calvary Temple.

But God says, “If you bite and devour each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other” (Galatians 5:15). “For this is the message you heard from the beginning: We should love one another. Do not be like Cain, who belonged to the evil one and murdered his brother. And why did he murder him? Because his own actions were evil and his brother’s were righteous” (1 John 3:11,12).


You won’t find Biblical love in Calvary Temple located on Triple Seven Rd in Sterling, VA. Although, as Tactics states, thinking that love does exist there is exactly what Bob Scott wants you to think. He wants you to believe that members of CT love one another better than any church, anywhere else in the area – and I’ll go even further to say – or even the world. That way he can continue to lure you in and take your money, all the while destroying you and your family.

Nope, CT’s “love” is a murderous, biting, and devouring false love. God said that Cain belonged to Satan. I believe that Bob Scott and his wicked cult, Calvary Temple, also belongs to “the evil one.” Bob Scott’s actions, just like Cain’s, are evil. Period.

Even though I left Calvary Temple in December 2007, nothing has changed there. In fact, it is my belief that things have only gotten worse. Families and lives are still being destroyed by Bob Scott’s kind of “love.” Turning each other in, telling on each other, “reporting up,” putting juvenile children out into the street, locking wives up in motel rooms, telling young girls that they are no better than street walkers…and on, and on, and on…

Believe me when I tell you that there are consequences inside of Calvary Temple if you do not “perform” as Bob and his henchmen and women require. They have no regard for age, sex, gender, single, married, engaged, divorced, widowed, widower, working, not working…IT DOES NOT MATTER. You will do as Bob Scott says or there will be a price to pay. He will “love” you to death. Just as Cain “loved” Abel.

Don’t mark my words. Bob Scott – his words, his actions, his edicts – says it all.

*You can read more about Bob Scott’s version of “love” on my VIP DOCS and VIP LINKS pages.

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