Happy Rebirth Day To Me! (12/10/07)

December 10, 2007, is my second rebirth day…11 years ago today, Father, after opening my blind eyes and deaf ears, broke the chains that Wolf Bob Scott and the cult of Calvary Temple placed on my heart, and I left that awful, horrible place.
Since then, my fellow ex-CT warriors – along with Sterling and beyond community champions – have warned, protested, spoken out, cried, stood, and sometimes we have fallen but we have always gotten back up…so that others will know about the dangers of Calvary Temple.
I have been thankful every day since walking out of that place. Until Calvary Temple is no more and Wolf Bob Scott is behind bars, I will continue to warn.
Ever thankful to Jesus and His Holy Spirit.
Merry Christmas everyone!!
#exposecalvarytemple #ForSuchATimeAsThis #Ezekiel34

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