Pastoral Care (10/17/14)

Tactics’ post from October 17, 2014, is, in my opinion, self-explanatory without too much help from me…unless, of course, you read through it and express shock, dismay, and disbelief over the fact that this post is describing supposed “pastoral care” in a supposed “church”. You then may need to hear that I can concur with what Tactics says/lists. But, I would rather you read about it here than go to the abusive and authoritative cult of Calvary Temple and experience these things for yourself.

I can certainly understand your incredulousness; your skepticism; your disbelief. Sitting here reading it through, if I had not experienced each one of these bullet-points first-hand myself, quite frankly, I’d be shocked, too. This? In a…church?

Yes, unfortunately, all are true. Hundreds – and I don’t think that I am exaggerating – perhaps thousands have had this happen to them. I and my family lived through these awful practices, these wolf-honed skills craftily and evilly used to undermine, control, and destroy individuals, and entire families.


Pastoral Care

Tactics writes:

We are often reminded that we are given the best care by our pastors. In order to help us make it to heaven. Hundreds of hours each week by our several pastors and their wives is devoted to our care. They say.

Examples of pastoral care at Calvary Temple:

  • Taps on the shoulder during service for secret meetings in the back offices.
  • Questioning our actual obedience to pastor’s directives in our individual lives. “Slow obedience is no obedience.”
  • Encouragement to let the pastors/church raise our children. “It takes a village…”
  • Public praise for those who do the most to prop up the House of Scott.
  • Reminders of how blessed we are to have such a “man of God”.
  • Reminders telling us not to ask questions. “Don’t meddle in matters too great for us.”
  • Reminders not to talk to any reporters/legal people about Calvary Temple.
  • Reminders that if pastor goes down we all go down with him. “Strike the shepherd and the sheep scatter.”
  • Reminders that pastor needs more “stuff” (cars, gadgets, trips) to reach the unreachable rich all around us.
  • Sermons on how to avoid people who are trying to talk with us about our destroyed families.
  • Secret meetings to find out who is “tattling” about our church.
  • More reminders “You just need to trust us — you don’t need to understand — we are the voice of God to you.”

Ummm…Biblical? Christ-like? Loving? Caring? No!

Controlling, authoritative, self-righteous, sinful, belittling, etc.? Yes!

If you aren’t already yourself, please try to visualize me sitting at my computer shuddering at each point, each word.

And, I have to add, if you believe that any of what Tactics states is Christ-like or Biblical, you are already in trouble.

If you are in a so-called “church” whose practices include any of what Tactics lists here…you need to run, not walk, to the nearest exit and never look back. You, my friend, are in at the very least, an authoritative, controlling, unloving place, and at the very worst, a cult very much like Calvary Temple.

As always, these stories, our stories are real; are true…MY story is real; true. These things did happen, continue to happen, and are happening RIGHT NOW within the confines of Calvary Temple, located on Triple Seven Rd in Sterling, VA. Please, never go there. Never put yourself or your family through this. It is not right, nor is it loving or Biblical. There are so many good churches in the area. Do NOT go to Calvary Temple. Protect yourself. Protect your family.

Stay very far away. Please.


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